New Naperville Tech Company Creates an Effective Low-Cost Security Tool for Schools

NAPERVILLE, IL – 8/31/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Apollo Communications was founded by Dr. Stephanie Anne Timmer. Dr. Stephanie Timmer has extensive experience building communication and messaging systems that are used by industries ranging from emergency services to daycares. What makes Dr. Timmer unique is that she is a disabled Veteran who is legally blind, and she can’t see much of the software she creates.

Apollo Communications announces the release of a new product called Anonymous Texting.  Anonymous Texting is an effective low-cost way for schools and organizations to quickly improve security. Think of Anonymous Texting as a tip line that lets schools tap into their most valuable security asset: the students. It is a safe and convenient way for students to report information without getting involved.

 We live in a see-something, say-something world. Chances are that if something has happened in school, a student knows about it. Anonymous Texting allows students to report what they see or hear and remain completely anonymous. What makes this service unique is that it is bi -directional. A student simply sends a text message to the tip line and the student’s phone number is concealed and never stored in the system. The message is sent to a distribution list so that multiple people can receive the message, such as the principal, vice principal, or the security officer. If the message does not contain enough information, the individuals on the distribution list can reply to the sender and ask for more information, all while keeping both the sender and the receiving parties completely anonymous. The system also has an after-hours feature for when the system is not being monitored, as well as spam block to block individuals who spam the system.

 The great part about it is that there are no software or apps to install.  There is no equipment to buy, and Anonymous Text is completely compatible with all existing security equipment. Anonymous text can be set up in just a few hours, and students do not have to subscribe to a service to use it. The cost to schools is about $13.00 per month. For about $150.00 a year, schools can add hundreds of eyes and ears to their security.

Being vigilant is part of today’s reality. You can’t go to an airport or train station without hearing or seeing the words: “See–Something, Say Something.”  Security personnel realize that they can’t be everywhere or see everything. Anonymous Texting is the solution that allows schools to tap into the student body to improve security. Anonymous Texting can also work as a deterrent because nobody will know who is reporting or when somebody will report something. It is a great way for administrators to get information before something happens, so they don’t have to wait until tragedy strikes and then ask: “What Happened?”

Anonymous Texting is an Apollo Communications Product. Apollo Communications is located in Naperville, IL. Apollo has extensive experience developing communication technologies including SMS, Text To Speech, VOIP, Email, SMMT, and cloud services.

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