A Unique Modeling Enterprise, Sun Out Studios, Rochester New York

Promotional Models for Product Placement, Social Media and Advertising

Sun Out Studios (http://SunOutStudios.com) is located in upstate New York and has been working with male and female models since early 2005.  Currently they are engaged in their Fall scouting efforts, which will take place in Rochester, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Sun Out Studios (SOS) models continue to be featured on a wide range of independent sites mostly relating to the health, fitness and supplement industry, but crossing into other areas as well such as clothing, jewelry, cell phone accessories, perfumes, insurance, and even local and national services.

SOS works in conjunction with other local and national agencies and has a part of their business devoted to the branding of models.  Acting as agent, SOS has helped garner TV and movie gigs for a select number of their models, and continues to explore new and innovative ways to utilize models for various product and service promotions.

SOS has been responsible for over two dozen highly successful social media branding ventures devoted to specific models.  These efforts earn ad revenue and sponsorships for both the model and agent/management, and offer expansion for both the model and SOS into other areas of marketing. 

A favorite specialty has always included the lucrative but challenging social media medium, with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being the predominant areas of interest.  Using these mediums, one can see SOS models featured anywhere from thousands to literally hundreds of thousands of times.

Internet marketing presents a whole new realm for models that continues to expand.  The opportunities, compared to yesteryear, are almost endless.  The “sex sells” mantra holds true, and a pretty girl can draw attention to almost any marketing effort.  SOS capitalizes on this in the most creative and fun ways imaginable, offering huge benefits to new models as demand only continues to increase.

Sun Out Studios is headquartered in Rochester, New York.

About Sun Out Studios

Tim Ritter is a long-time online entrepreneur and marketer with an extensive background in all aspects of SEO, understanding the nuances of search engine and social media marketing. He also has backgrounds in health, fitness, nutrition, alternative medicine, real estate management and law.

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