WeedLex Reports on 5 Things People Should Know About Cannabis in the Netherlands

A marijuana news site, Weedlex, has published an article on five things people should know about smoking cannabis in the Netherlands. It also includes the dispelling of some popular myths such as the notion that cannabis is completely legal in Holland and all Dutch people like cannabis.

The first myth that the article dispels is that cannabis is completely legal. The author states that in reality, it is only legal to consume cannabis. People are left alone when taking it with friends inside a coffee shop, but it is common practice for the Dutch police to confiscate the weed and fine those who consume it outside and look suspicious. There are also strict licensing laws for growing it professionally. Those who want to grow cannabis for their own use have to cultivate it naturally without any equipment.

Secondly, the article highlights that not all Dutch people like cannabis. Only 24.1% of the population say they have tried it once and an even a lower percentage appears to be regular users of the drug.

The article explains that Dutch tolerance to cannabis was inspired by the prohibition era in the United States, which led to the growth of criminal syndicates after alcohol became illegal. Arrests for marijuana use in the Netherlands increased as it became popular in the second half of the 20th century. At one point, the country’s authorities decided to not make any arrests at a Rotterdam music festival in 1970. There were no incidents, which led the government to take a more liberal approach.

The final point of the article deals with the fact that not all Dutch towns have coffee shops. They are rarely seen in smaller towns and only common in big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, so cannabis is less widely available in rural areas. In addition, smoking cannabis in public can lead to a fine, and many bars and restaurants do not allow smoking on their premises.

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