Hypnotist Richard Barker Uses Comedy Hypnosis Shows To Reduce Stress

Orlando, FL – Richard Barker, self-dubbed ‘the incredible hypnotist’ is a bonafide hypnotist who uses hypnosis to bring about humor via his successful comedy hypnosis shows. According to his site, the hypnotist has performed thousands of shows in over 38 countries and has appeared in TV shows on NBC, CBC, FOX, ABS Studios and more. Not only is comedy hypnosis an interesting and unique form of entertainment, but Richard Barker’s comedy hypnosis shows are also said to help reduce stress through humor.

“Richard Barker’s comedy shows stand out because each is specialized to the particular audience, it’s targeted at,” says Natasha Johnson from National Entertainment Group; the company representing Mr. Barker. “No show performed by Mr. Barker is identical to the other. Each is custom-tailored for the audience that is attending. Not only does this make the show age-appropriate, but it also ensures that the show remains relevant every time. This addition to the show’s presentation, plus the talents and charm of Mr. Barker are what have contributed to making the brand so successful. At the end of the day, we can confidently say that the show not only helps people laugh, it also allows them to let go of their momentary stresses.”

Hypnotist Richard Barker has been honing his craft for over the last 20 years. He has performed across the country and beyond. His performances usually take him to fairs, conferences, schools, prom nights, comedy shows, corporate events, graduation night hypnosis shows, and more. He has also worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as Celebrity and Carnival Cruise Lines. He also offers hypnotherapy and consultation services to celebrities, sports figures, corporate clients, health & wellness clients, and people dealing with issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, memory, focus, public speaking, and hypnosis.

Mr. Barker is also pivotal in the development of hypnosis and is often involved with the Hypnotist Stage Academy and Hypnotist Entertainment Group. He even authored a book called “Secrets of the Stage Revealed. The Guide To Hypnosis And Stage Hypnotism.”

Comedy has for a long time been recognized, and used, as a relaxation technique that lowers stress levels, albeit temporarily. Mr. Barker’s comedy hypnosis shows offer the very same results, if not better. His comedy shows can help lower stress in the audience and the host participants under hypnosis.

For more on this and any other of Mr. Barker’s services, contact his management company via these contact details Phone: 800-658-1273 or Email: info@nationalentertainmentgroup.com

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