Extreme Trespassing Adventures Europe – An Epic Journey Dictated by Fans

Combining fear, comedy, & an exciting journey into an interactive documentary

France – August 31, 2016 – Pâtrick Derere, master chef and veteran of the French Foreign Legion, launched a Kickstarter campaign for his latest project – Extreme Trespassing Adventures (ETA) Europe. This is the first multiplayer, real-life adventure series where people can vote on what adventures Derere will take and how!

Fans can choose to have him travel by foot or by boat; with a parachute or via the mountains; through the woods or rafting river?! Or maybe even swim naked in Loch Ness with Nessy? It’s up to the audience to decide through social media! The campaign goal is to raise €25,000 by September 30, 2016.  

What makes this series extra special is that Pâtrick will be traveling with his faithful companion Karma, the dog. They’ll travel the world for 5 years across the European Union. ETA Europe will also teach audiences climbing techniques, rafting, hunting and other survival workshops in various terrain. 

Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about ETA Europe. Click here to make a contribution. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. 15% of the campaign will help and feed the lost and poor animals of the world because they deserve a helping hand too! Perks will be delivered by December 2016. 

Please keep in mind this is an “all-or-nothing” deal. If the campaign does not reach the funding goal, then the project cannot move forward. So know that any amount given can make a difference. This is also an incredible opportunity to be a part of a special project! Help the campaign reach its goal by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The more people know about this; the more support the campaign will receive. 

About Pâtrick Derere

After 8 years of living a city life, the Master Chef Pâtrick Derere is returning to the great outdoor adventures. Derere joined French Foreign Legion, completed 2 of the hardest commando stages known by man and served several conflict missions. Afterward, he came back home, found his new best friends Karma, and set out on a conquest to build a life of his dreams. Karma and Pâtrick are ready to take their next adventure! 


Media Contact
Company Name: ETA Europe
Contact Person: Derere Patrick
Email: Eta.europe@gmail.com
Phone: 0032499849060
Country: France
Website: www.etaeurope.com