WeedInFocus Reports on the Latest Cannabis Trends in Five-Star Dining

A cannabis culture news and events site, weedinfocus.com, has published a story on the latest trends in the use of the drug in haute cuisine. The article describes how recipe authors and gourmet chefs are using cannabis in Michelin-star dishes and highlight the health benefits of marijuana dining.

The article begins with background information on the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. states and how it helped weed enter into many spheres of people’s lives including cooking. A more recent trend is the use of cannabis in fine dining. In addition, it provides many examples of restaurants and chefs that use the drug in their dishes such as Californian chef Chris Sayegh, whose dishes include carrot confit gnocchi with a cannabis-infused pea emulsion.

The story then moves on to precise techniques used by chefs to infuse cannabis into their dishes so that there is just enough of the psychoactive component of the drug to get their guests to relax and enjoy their meal. These techniques include the use of extracts made from cannabis, which contains terpenes that give the plant its aromatic characteristics. For example, chefs heat cannabis with butter, olive oil or cream to give the food a smooth taste and get a controllable effect from the drug.

According to the article, chefs experiment with different terpenes in cannabis and pair them with different foods and enhance the meal’s flavor. For example, the terpene Alpha-Pinene tastes like pine and goes well with fish.

The most important point highlighted in the article is the health benefits of incorporating cannabis into meals. Besides triggering hunger receptors in the brain and improving the taste of meals, cannabis may reduce pain and nausea, control epileptic seizures, treat mental illness, and even slow the growth of cancer cells.

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