Finding Hope in Santa Cruz: The Holistic Drug Treatment Approach

At Elevate Drug Addiction Treatment Center, we take pride in helping people with their addiction. Elevate is a drug center where people can get help for alcohol addiction, heroin addiction, meth addiction, prescription drug addiction, valium addiction, Percocet addiction and Ambien addiction. Individuals seeking treatment to quit their addiction and live a normal healthy life should contact Elevate Addiction Services today!
California, the Golden State, has 118 beach cities and over 1,000 miles of beaches. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, eight of California’s beaches received a five-star water-quality rating and 20 received a four-star rating.

It is the only state where you can surf, snowboard and ride on the sand dunes all in the same day. California provides everything there is to offer; it has the most contrasting landscapes and diverse topographies of any other state. It is also home to a diverse group of people, including a wide variety of substance abusers and addicts. For those who are suffering from substance abuse or addiction, they can find hope in Santa Cruz through the holistic drug treatment approach in one of California’s most beautiful cities.

The City of Santa Cruz, home to the Natural Bridges State Beach, Wilder State Park, Roaring Camp Railroads and Seymour Marine Discovery Center. For those of you who do not know, addiction affects more than 20 percent of the elderly community, not just in California, but the entire nation. Elderly people are especially susceptible to addiction because of the amount of life changes they are going through.

Elderly Addiction

The process of aging can be difficult. People come and go, physical health deteriorates and mental health declines. Elderly people may feel sad and lonely from time to time; however, if those feelings persist or continue to get worse, they may lead to addiction or death.

As we age, our motor skills and physical mobility diminish. The simple act of reaching down and picking something up can be arduous. Most times, cooking, cleaning and just taking care of ourselves becomes challenging. Many seniors begin to lose self-confidence as well as their memory. If they are prescribed medication, they might accidentally forget to take a dose; or worse, forget they took a dose and take more than they need. If not careful, their usage can spiral out of control. Whether it is an accidental overdose or a tremendous decline in self-confidence, addiction in elderly people is at an increased risk. Most begin drinking to find escape and companionship and others abuse prescription drugs because they are easily attainable.

The best way to escape reality is to participate in holistic activities, such as yoga and meditation or tai-chi. These activities will help you focus on positive thoughts and block out negative behaviors.

Holistic Drug Treatment

Holistic drug treatment is designed to balance the mind, body and soul; it focuses on realigning each individual part of our being in order for them to function together properly. Experts believe that holism is a theory, which is based upon the fact that a whole system cannot function or be understood simply by looking at each individual part; it must be looked at as a whole.

An example of holism would be a human. If we were to show a dissected human and have you attempt to explain how the human body works just by looking at each part, you would have no clue what was going on or how anything would go together; but, if we showed you an entire human, parts and all, you would be able to give us a general idea of how we would function. Simply put, holism allows us to see the bigger picture.

Holistic drug treatments allow patients to understand how their mind and body function together. Holistic therapies, such as acupuncture, massage, exercise, yoga, meditation, tai-chi, music and art therapy and nutritional therapy, are designed to teach patients how to relax, focus on their inner-psyche, listen to their inner-thoughts and connect to their deep-rooted issues. They are able to recognize their maladaptive behaviors and replace them with positive coping mechanisms.

Holistic drug treatment is designed to realign every layer of each patient in order for them to reach their highest capabilities. When the mind, body and soul are balanced, patients are able to make clear, concise decisions keep control over their behaviors and live a healthy life.

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