Mrs. Bellamy Launches Website to Reveal A Life with Parkinson’s and Shares Inspiring Tips and Resources

Gadsden, AL – Aug 31, 2016 – It’s a disease that afflicts millions and was made famous by the trembling body of boxer Muhammad Ali. Celebrity or common folk, Parkinson’s disease does not differentiate, nor is there a clear cut early diagnosis or cure. Mrs. Bellamy from Gadsden, Alabama knows it all too well, and has launched her own website,, to share her insights and help others live with Parkinson’s.

Mrs. Bellamy has lived with Parkinson’s for over 20 years now, but cherishes living life to the fullest. Her own way of coping with and gliding over the disease inspired her to dedicate this special site to everyone who cares about the sufferings and wishes to find better ways to live. F. Bellamy owns a flower shop, and in her spare time, Mrs. Bellamy loves to travel, cook and sew, and is also into crafts and loves working with flowers and especially silk flowers.

On the website, visitors can browse Mrs. Bellamy’s blog where she shares practical tips dealing with challenges faced by sufferers of Parkinson’s, such as maintaining balance, avoiding falls, managing stress, and how we can learn to see the onset of the disease. Given that at present there is no known way to prevent Parkinson’s, resources like these are thus an important way for sufferers to live well and receive inspiration. The website includes stories and mentions of important people who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s, such as Linda Ronstadt, singer; Michael J. Fox, actor; Janet Reno, Attorney General; and Brian Grant, basketball player. also includes an affiliate section on health and wellness supplies, where Mrs. Bellamy will share select healthcare products.

As a long-time sufferer of Parkinson’s, Mrs. Bellamy aims to help as many sufferers as she can through both inspiring words, practical tips and healing wellness products.

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