The Drop of the 3.5MM Jack Didn\’t Surprise Everyone

With the recent announcement by Apple about the launch of the much awaited new iPhone 7 on September 7 the world of technology  has gone abuzz. Fans and critics alike are pitching in with their views about the many changes and development expected from the new iPhone. One of the hottest topics of debate is not about a feature that the iPhone 7 is expected to have, rather it is about something that it may lack – the 3.5mm audio jack. The traditional audio jack that has been around for over a 100 hundred years may be replaced by a lightning port and Bluetooth earphones. The team at Lightning Cans have also pitched in with their two cents on the topic.

Apple and iPhone have a long-standing tradition of introducing revolutionary new technology, and it seems that the iPhone 7 will not be an exception, as gadget lovers and technology experts the team at Lightning Cans are excited about the expected change and will be welcoming it with open arms, “The average layperson does not have the technological aptitude to dictate to Apple what it should develop next, nor do they want to. The average lay person wants Apple to tell them what they need next. They recognize companies like Apple as progressive and cutting edge and thus sit back and consume what Apple delivers to them. People are conservative in nature. If it weren’t for pushing cars wouldn’t have seat belts, we’d all be watching VHS tapes and driving cars that get 12 miles to the gallon.” said the Lightning Cans spokesperson.

According to multiple sources, the 3.5mm audio jack has been dropped from the upcoming iPhone because it will be thinner than all the other iPhones before it and the lightning port will allow them to make this major design change. Although the news of this change has been well received by fans, there are some people who are still reluctant about the 3.5mm audio jack drop, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple does not agree with the change as he believes that dropping the 3.5mm jack would be a huge mistake by Apple, according to Steve the new lightning jack will cause confusion and frustration among the users which may encourage them to use inferior alternatives.

Many technology experts in favor of the swap were not surprised by Apple’s decision and believe that Apple should continue doing what the company does best – lead the way into the future.


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