Pull-up Professors Revive An Old School Exercise

PullupProfessors.com is ushering a revival of an old school exercise – the pull ups. The pull ups have long being hailed as one of the best upper body exercises for building strength and muscle, old school fitness buffs can still be found today who speak praises about pullups and their many benefits for the arms, chest and back.  The Pull up professors are one such team of fitness experts who want more people to incorporate pull ups in their regular workout regime by spreading scientifically backed information, tips, fitness advice, and pull up bar and equipment reviews.

Pull-up Professors team believe that the versatility of pull ups make it such a great exercise, the website founder Brandon said: “The pull up bar is the Swiss army knife of exercise equipment. It’s cheap (it can be free if you make it yourself!), it’s durable, it’s simple, and best of all, it works all the muscles in your upper body.”

He further added: “After a year and a half of regular pull up works, we at Pullup Professors proudly sport mini-wings are lats are so developed. Okay, we’re not that ripped, but we look way better than before and we owe it all to the humble pullup. We’ve decided to write down everything we learned and share it with you so you can embark on the same journey.”

To make it easier for their readers to do perfect pullups, the Pull-up Professors have scoured the market for the best pull-up bars available currently in the market and presented the information through in depth reviews of each. The to-the-point reviews have been designed to equip the readers with all the necessary information that will allow them to make an informed choice. The review team has also extracted real user reviews from the internet and has included them in their assessment, to ensure that their reviews look into the matter from all angles.

The team has also added pull up bar buying guide tips for their readers.

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Pull-up Professors is a health and fitness blog by two friends who after a period of indulgence wanted to get back to health and being fit by using time tested and effective workout techniques which include the highly beneficial pull-ups. The blog shared with readers scientifically backed information, tips, fitness advice, and pull up bar and equipment reviews.

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