New Solar Power Charger Launched On Amazon With Celebration Discounted Price

Solar Phone Charger, 5000 mAh, Best Power External Portable Bank for Multiple Devices, Ideal for Sports Outdoors, 2 USB, LED Flashlight, Protects the Environment, Avoid Pollution to Care Ecology

A new mobile device charger that enables people to charge their devices while outdoors has been launched on Amazon. The new solar power charger from CARVAJALbros comes with 2 USB ports and provides the user with an environmentally friendly way to charge their devices.

CARVAJALbros has taken the way people charge their phones and devices to the next level by designing a lightweight charger that allows people to charge through using natural energy with the onboard solar panels. 

The solar power portable charger, which is lighter than a standard mobile phone and easy to carry has been designed to withhold accidental damage. It has been built using quality material and is shockproof and dustproof and water resistance, meaning it can be used in all weathers.

With the solar power portable charger having 2 USB ports it means the user can charge multiple devices and make sure each of their mobile devices is always fully charged. It can charge a whole range of devices including cell phones, cameras, and IPads.

It is the perfect product to be used outdoors for camping, hiking, running, and even outdoor sports. With the charger using solar energy, it means the user always has emergency power when they need it.

To celebrate the success of the new 5000 mAh, best power external portable bank, CARVAJALbros has decided to offer a celebration discounted price on Amazon. The normal retail price is $42.85, but the product is currently being offered at $29.99. However, a spokesman for CARVAJALbros explained the discounted price is only available for a limited period only, and once the celebration is over, the product will go back to its normal retail price. 

A spokesman for CARVAJALbros said: “We wanted to provide a mobile charger that would allow people to charge their devices no matter where they were. With the device using solar energy, it not only means it’s kinder to the environment, but it also means they have emergency power when they need it.”

The solar power charger that comes with an integrated LED torch, which is ideal when the user is in dark environments continues to receive five-star reviews on Amazon.

To learn more about the CARVAJALbros solar charger and to take advantage of the celebration discounted price, please visit:

About CARVAJALbros solar charger

•    EXPLORE AND ENJOY WHAT NATURE GIVES YOU! The most portable charger that exists, not even you will note that you are wearing it. Easy to carry, water resistant, shockproof and dustproof. Weighs less than your cell phone. The hook is included.

•    YOU WILL NOT HURT THE PLANET! You are defending ecology, use the best energy source we have, solar power, while recharging up to two devices at the same time with the two USB ports that brings.

•   WHEREVER YOU GO, YOUR CHARGE WILL BE ASSURED! You are choosing the best solar charger, with the latest technology, with high capacity and efficiency. You can charge your phone up to twice thanks to its 5000 mAh battery.

•    BRING YOUR OWN SUN IN THE DARK! You will never be dark with the illumination offered by the LED flashlight.

•    ENJOY YOUR MUSIC AND STAY CONNECTED TO THE WORLD! As you do your activities the sun will provide enough energy to recharge your battery. Note that it is more efficient with wall connection.

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