Pet’s Mum Flea Comb and Tick Remover Tool Receives #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller Badge on Amazon

Pet’s Mum brand new flea comb and tick remover product has achieved #1 New Release and Best seller badge from Amazon after 2 weeks of launching date. This product has got more than 70 five-star reviews from satisfied customers and has landed first or second pages for different range of keywords.

MIAMI, FL – 9/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Pet’s Mum, a manufacturer of premium quality pet products, is pleased to announce that one of their products has received #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller Badge after few days of launching. The Flea Comb and Tick Remover Tool launched just a few days ago and has already received positive feedback from customers which implies it does exceedingly well in the Amazon marketplace in its category.

The sheer amount of positive reviews which Pet’s Mum received on Amazon shows that the flea comb and tick removal tools are really picking up in popularity. So what makes it a popular product among pet owners? Whether you have a dog or a cat, chances are you will find yourself in need of ridding them of fleas and ticks. If you have caught the problem relatively early, it may be possible to eliminate fleas by using a special comb with fine teeth that is designed to remove fleas from fur. Recognizing the need for flea and tick prevention for dogs, cats and other animals, Pet’s Mum provide a complete solution. The Flea Comb and Tick Remover set is becoming increasingly popular not just because of its unique design but most of all due to its functionality.

The great feedback from Amazon buyers also reflects the overall market response for the product. Pet’s Mum consistently receives good reviews from their satisfied customers. As one customer explained,

This comb works great for looking for grabbing those fleas up out of the hair. We used it on our dog who did not have a flea issue but we had found some. The pet flea comb was very easy to use to move the hair and comb under the flea getting them out. You can use this comb very easy moving the hair around to get to the flea. For the ticks we did not find one but this looks like not a problem to use. These are a good quality set to have to stay on top of your pet’s issues.”

Fleas will always exist, but with careful planning and proper treatment, they need not become a problem for pet owners or their pets. Protect your pets from fleas and ticks now, visit the Amazon product page directly at

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Pet’s Mum has begun their journey in 2015 and currently they are selling on They sell premium quality pet products including dog training and other pet products at Amazon marketplace. A family run business, Pet’s Mum prides itself on its commitment to provide each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Customer satisfaction is the first priority at Pet’s Mum.

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