My4Faces Apps Announces the Launch and Release of Their Latest App – ‘My4Faces Dreamland 2’

Following the successful release and acceptance of ‘My4Faces Dreamland’ by a wide range of gamers all over the world, and in their quest for the continuous satisfaction of all lovers of apps of emotions and good vibes, the enviable team of developers at My4Faces are out with yet another bang.

Renowned as a world leading provider of charming gaming applications for people of all gender and ages, My4Faces is excited to announce the launch of their newest app known as My4Faces Dreamland 2.

Compatible with Android 2.3 and other higher versions, My4Faces Dreamland 2 is an engaging and brain challenging match 3 game. The goal of this remarkable emotions game is to match three faces to make a blast, and all gamers would definitely find it captivating as against other emotions and dream games out there.

Furthermore, My4Faces Dreamland 2 has the inbuilt capacity of constantly pushing the skills of gamers to the edge. It is noteworthy to mention that My4Faces will soon come out with a new toy category called ‘My4Faces Re-action Figures’ that will complement this awesome app.

A spokesperson of the company said; “We are absolutely thrilled about the launch of My4Faces Dreamland 2. All those who enjoy playing hard games will find this app to be the perfect game for them right now. It can be played with friends as you prove your skills, while also ensuring they don’t beat your high score.”

My4Faces Dreamland 2 can be downloaded from Google Play for free via the following link –

Suffice it to say that with the ability to train and use ones reflexes and speed effectively, attaining the highest possible score in this amazing dreams game is doable. “Challenge your brain, and train your hand and eye coordination with this free game while you have fun for several numbers of hours. With My4Faces Dreamland 2, you’ll certainly not feel bored.”

Details of the remarkable features of this enviable game can be found at  

“My4Faces is perfect for killing boredom. It can be played when you are waiting in line, when you are on a break, or when you are riding a bus or a train. Its smooth and high quality graphics ensures you have the best user experience you can ever imagine. We are delighted this new release and we know that all gamers out there would be pleased too” the spokesperson concluded.

To know more about My4Faces Apps, visit –

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