The Crisis of Capitalism Heralds the Growth of a New Economy

ASHEVILLE, NC – 1 Sep, 2016 – The data is in, the experts have spoken—today’s global economy is in deep trouble, both financially and environmentally. The debt, inequality and environmental crises—all comprehensively analyzed in the upcoming book Growing a New Economy—signals the end of  an era, but also the growth of an entirely new economic system.

“It’s too late to continue with business as usual,” says authors Roar Bjonnes, an environmental activist, and Caroline Hargreaves, a graduate of the London School of Economics.  They believe it’s no longer enough to keep patching up the old economic cracks with yet another set of reforms.

James Quilligan, political economist and former advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, agrees with the authors and says that the book provides “a long-term agenda for green, systemic change.”

Several recent books critical of both free market and green capitalism, including Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything and Richard Smith’s Green Capitalism: The God That Failed, proclaims that capitalism, no matter its color or form, can no longer sustain us economically or environmentally.

The authors of Growing a New Economy agree with these critics, but their book does not only take a critical look at the history of capitalism, it also outlines an alternative economy, a blueprint for what the next economy will look like.

According to Bjonnes and Hargreaves, a new economy is necessary for three basic reasons: 1) to replace an economic system with fundamental flaws beyond repair; 2) to avoid an economic and ecological collapse; 3) and to create a more equitable and sustainable society.    

In recent years, an increasing number of experts and think tanks, from writer David Korten to the Capital Institute, have suggested that we need a new economy, beyond old style capitalism and socialism. Growing a New Economy does just that, it presents a new economic system beyond standard left and right wing ideologies.

The book not only summarizes the latest, hard-hitting critique from the experts; it continues with a deep-probing analysis of the data. Most importantly, it concludes with a set of practical solutions. The authors present a radically new macro-economic system unlike anything the progressive left or the greens have ever offered so far. The authors of Growing a New Economy believe this new economy may not only balance our budget, but also help create more economic equality, as well as save our rapidly deteriorating environment.

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