Annual “Making Wireless Work” seminar by SynAudCon will be held in Newark, NJ next month, September 12th-13th 2016. Special guest speakers include James Stoffo, Karl Winkler, Tim Vear, and Eric Reese. James Stoffo works as a frequency coordinator for the Grammy Awards, Olympics, World Cup, Rose Bowl, and many others. The making Wireless Work Seminar educates audio professionals, recording engineers and audio hardware manufacturers.

NEWARK, NJ – 01 Sep, 2016 – The upcoming seminar Making Wireless Work is hosted and produced by SynAudCon, an industry leader in in-person and online-based professional audio training. Making Wireless Work 2016 will be held in Newark, NJ on September 12-13th 2016. The seminar will educate and entertain guests while covering core principles of wireless networking and ways to make wireless devices work in an ever-decreasing available spectrum; addressing the limitations of the FCC UHF Auction 2016. The Making Wireless Work Seminar, a two-day event, will include many well-known guest presenters and top audio industry leaders.

The presenters include James Stoffo (Radio Active Designs), Karl Winkler (Lectrosonics), Tim Vear (Shure) and Eric Reese (Sennheiser) and is expected to be a unique and educational experience. “When it comes to wireless, these presenters are the best of the best. They know and understand wireless but they are also gifted teachers. They present the principles in an understandable way and drive the points home with demonstrations” stated Brenda Brown, co-owner of SynAudCon (

The topics include wireless microphone technology, RF band-based technology, frequency coordination, band planning, RF fundamentals, FCC/spectrum allocation issues and site survey commissioning projects. Anyone working in the audio entertainment industry or professional audio are encourage to attend. Changes in spectrum availability will affect everyone working in the audio industry.

The seminar is designed for audio practitioners, audio engineers and system integrators. Prospective attendees are encouraged to sign up now if not currently enrolled, as spacing is limited. Group and corporate seating is available. The Making Wireless Work Seminar is approved for 16-RU’s (Renewal Units) for audio professionals. 

More information about this event or to enroll can be found on the SynAudCon website Teams or individuals can sign up via online submission or by contacting SynAudCon directly at 1.812.923.0174

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