World’s FIRST Self-cleaning towel “SilverBamboo” to be launched soon by JPLiving

Two innovative engineers from JPLiving are soon to launch world’s first dermatologist recommended self-cleaning “SilverBamboo” towel. Powered by silver and bamboo, the ultra-soft towel can destroy over 99.9% bacteria polluting the towels, leaving it clean and fresh on its own.

Edmonton, Canada, September 1, 2016: Doctors recommend a regular wash for towels with 800 C hot water after every use but we are too lazy to wash our towels daily. What if there is a towel that can clean up on its own? Sounds out of the world, right? Well, 2 cool engineers have come up with world’s first self-cleaning towel, “SilverBamboo”, which can destroy over 99.99% microbes polluting the towels, leaving it clean and fresh on its own.

To be released soon under their company JPLiving, the revolutionary towel is a dermatologist recommended anti-odor, anti-microbial and anti-acne product made of 100% bamboo and Silver. It is 4x more absorbent than cotton towel. SilverBamboo Towel would be launched on Kickstarter on September 1, 2016.



“With the vision to bring something new in clothing technology, we are soon to launch the world’s first self-cleaning ‘SilverBamboo’ towel. Equipped with the cutting edge power to kill microbes in your towel, our goodie ensures a fresh toasty towel after every use. You will have the same freshness of a newly-washed towel even if you wash our towel less frequently compared to what you do with your regular towel.  We have taken to our proprietary technology to bond pure natural silver permanently onto the towel fiber and our advanced technology assures long-lasting anti-microbial properties. No nanotechnology, no complex chemical- it’s just unadulterated natural silver. And, yes, the use of bamboo fiber guarantees the softest feel”, stated one of the founder members of JPLiving.

Since 400 B.C., silver has been held high for its stellar antimicrobial properties which is duly supported by modern studies as well. The moist towels help bacteria to multiply at lightning fast speed, creating an unhealthy situation. But SilverBamboo towel has proved to prevent such a situation courtesy its anti-microbial nature.



The bamboo kun present in bamboo fiber prevents bacteria’s access to protein, leading to mass destruction of the microbes. Besides, the cross-section pattern of Bamboo fiber sports various micro-holes and micro-gaps that imply premium moisture absorption & ventilation capacity.

The state of the art SilverBamboo towel is made in accordance with highest antimicrobial standards ASTM E2149 and FZ/T 73023-2006. It is validated by Japan Textile Inspection Association that even after extensive washing, bamboo fiber fabric still possesses excellent function of anti-bacteria.



“Our 600 GSM Silver Bamboo towel will get you the desired royal feel every time you use it while conveniently keeping the cleaning tasks to minimum. Natural bamboo fiber is famous for amazing softness and our 100 percent organic bamboo towel assures you a luxe experience. It was hard to find another towel made from natural fibers that is softer than our towel. With JPLiving, you are getting an eco-friendly, sustainable, anti-microbial and plush product that would make an amazing gift for a friend and family member.”

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