Buffalo Hits Number 38 on the Top 50 Robocalled Cities in America

BUFFALO, NY – 9/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — A Robocall is a call generated by an automatic dialing telephone system, i.e. any call not initiated by a human finger, and their use is largely regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These types of calls have become a huge headache for consumers. Despite the illegality, the amount of Robocalls being made to consumers is estimated to reach 30 Billion in the United States by year’s end, signaling an increase of over 50% from 2015 according to YouMail.

YouMail is a software company from Irvine, California, specializing in visual voicemail and Robocall blocking software.  YouMail has been tracking Robocall activity in order to provide the data cited in this report to the public at large.  The total number of Robocalls estimated to be placed this year is almost equal to 100 calls for every man, woman, and child in the United States.  More specifically, the city of Buffalo reached number 38th on the list of the ‘50 Most Robocalled Cities in America’ in May of this year.

Seth Andrews, a TCPA attorney for the Law Office of Kenneth Hiller in Buffalo and Rochester, represents consumers that have been harassed by unwanted Robocalls.  He highlights the essential definition,

“A Robocall is a call generated by an automated dialing system that business utilize to place calls to your cell phone. Often times these calls leave automated or pre-recorded messages on your voicemail.  The calls don’t have to be negative in nature.  Whether it’s a debt collector or a call about a free cruise, if it’s not dialed by a human finger and you did not provide your number to the entity calling your cell phone, it’s illegal and you are entitled to compensation.”

While Congress and phone companies’ debate over how to deal these annoying automated calls, there isn’t much regular consumers can do except to take legal action against the offenders. 

“If you are receiving automated dialed calls to your cell phone without giving your prior express consent, you can be awarded up to $1,500 per call received.  Currently there is no way to stop these illegal calls from being made, so in the interest of justice, I think it’s important as many cases be brought against the offending entities as possible in order to make them pay a financial  price for breaking the law. If enough lawsuits are filed and enough judgements are handed down these companies may get the message and drastically reduce the number of illegal calls they make.”

Every call counts according to Andrews, and it’s important to document abuses as they happen.  Andrews continued,

“The first thing you can do is contact your cell provider and request your phone records. Secondly, you can compile a list detailing the time, date, and numbers that call you. Don’t forget that missed calls count as well. The best way to maximize your recovery is to account for as many calls as we can. While we are able to get the records from the offending company during a lawsuit, every bit of information helps.”

If you are receiving auto-dialed calls to your cell phone and want to know if you can recover damages call the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller at 877.236.7366 or visit their website at kennethhiller.com

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