Texas Judge Awards Custody to Child Abuser

STEPHENVILLE, TX – 9/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Jason Cashon, appointed by Governor Rick Perry in 2012, presiding judge of the 266th Judicial District Court, ignored dramatic testimony in January 2014 and awarded full custody to an admitted child abuser, kidnapper and molester.

After a tearful testimony in the Stephenville, TX courtroom by Kristin Mack, mother of Landon, Judge Cashon denied custody to the woman who has essentially cared for her son his entire life.

Mack, a commissioned officer in the military, public school teacher and real estate entrepreneur, has been a loving and committed mother to her son since birth.

The ruling by Judge Cashon is confusing as he has put Landon in serious danger.  His father, who according to his Facebook page, went to the “University of Who Cares” and works as a pest control specialist for Wal-Mart (gruesomely tortures and shoots birds in their rafters), admitted on Jan 21, 2014 in front of Judge Cashon’s court room to several counts of child abuse and child molestation with minors.  His admission was disregarded.

Judge Cashon also ignored the fact that this man essentially kidnapped his son by not allowing his mother to see him over the holidays as previously agreed and didn’t punish or hold him in contempt for his actions. The fact that he violated the rules went completely ignored, and this lack of authority and discipline, is fuel for this man to continue to commit even more atrocities.

In spite of his disturbing testimony, this dangerous man was awarded primary custody of Landon. This violent man, and his attorney, swayed the young and inexperienced judge by redirecting the subject of the sexual abuse to frivolous subjects not vital to the ultimate decision.

This decision has Mack very distressed about the safety of her child. She has been forced to contact members of the Stephenville community where her son has been made to live to ensure he is alive as the man forbids her son any contact with his mother. Her fears have also forced her to contact the media in search of justice.

Another important note to make is that Mack’s only son is not this man’s only conquest. He has two other children in his custody he has essentially held captive for years. He doesn’t allow any of these boys communication with their family.

Please help us find justice for these three boys. They live in a situation with a man who uses small town politics to retain custody illegally. Texas law clearly states

that if there is even any suspicion of child abuse that person can NOT have custody. Cashon violated the Texas Law. Texas Family Code 261.001.


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Attached: Official testimony of the man admitting to judge jason cashon to charges of Child Abuse, animal cruelty, and molestation charges in Stephenville court January 21, 2014.


How many times have you been arrested for domestic violence?

K.S. A. I’ve never been arrested for domestic violence.

Q. So if I have a record here that says it was twice, that would be a lie?

K.S. – January 21, 2014 Cross-Examination by Mr. Elliott

A. I would like to see it.

Q. Once in Florida, once in Texas ring a bell?

A. No.

Q. You were never accused of –huh– assaulting –huh–

your ex-wife?

A. I’ve been accused of many things.

Q. Okay. Okay. So you admit you’ve been accused. A. Yes.

Well –huh– all of these women accusing you of these is that a coincidence?

It’s a collaboration between her and your ex-wife.

So I — I guess you just have the misfortune of women who happen to make up domestic violence charges you?

If that’s how you want to put it.

Okay. More — Okay. Huh–

I’ve been to court in four states and I’ve never —

I’ve been found — unfounded every single time and documentation to show that —

Q. Have you been accused of sexual abuse? A. Yes.

— and I’ve never been — I’ve never been found guilty of any of that, or sexual abuse or mental abuse or any other type of abuse against my children —

K.S.- January 21, 2014 Cross-Examination by Mr. Elliott

Q. So you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you’ve been accused of sexual misconduct with children, I guess —

A. Yes.

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