Father Who Lost Son Is Giving His Book Free to Other Grieving Families

COLUMBUS, OH – 9/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — When his son Isaac died of meningitis type B at the age of 26, Neal Raisman     

fell into a deep depression. 

Raisman likened his loss of Isaac to having a foot ripped off. He could feel the raw pain and anger of the event.  And he lost his balance for a very long time. It is simply not easy to balance on one foot.   Just try it. You may have seconds of steadiness and control but then, imperceptibly something happens to disrupt your equilibrium. You begin to fall and have to put the other foot down. Try to imagine what it is like to not have the other foot.  You can’t put it down and well, you fall. 

He struggled through the days and with questions such as “How can a gracious God do this?”, “Where is he now?” and the big one, “Why?”  Answers did not come easily. Nor did relief from the seemingly endless pain and anger at losing his son, but he did finally learn to find a new balance in a world without his son. 

Through writing about his experience, he finally came to accept his loss and start living life again. The book Standing on One Foot has been read by others who lost a child. They found it to be the “most honest, open and helpful book on grief yet”. Another reviewer said “it leaves nothing out. The anger at life, the pain and the explorations into the physiology of death and philosophical ponderings are there. Great book.” One reader even stopped self-medicating after reading Standing on One Foot. 

Now Raisman wants to give the book away to hundreds of people who have lost a child. “I only hope it can help others escape the pain and anguish of a child’s death sooner” Raisman said. He is trying to raise the funds to print hundreds of copies and give them away free through a Kickstarter campaign.  

It took Raisman years to learn to balance again but he did. Along the way he grappled with raw anger, pain and despair as does anyone who has lost a child. But he did finally find answers to the questions that tore at his mind and others who have suffered such a tragic loss. And now he wants to share his experience and discoveries with others through his memoir of loss, grief and re-establishing balance in life on one foot. 

Information on the Kickstarter Campaign can be found at: kck.st/2b4PGnS 

An excerpt from Standing on One Foot can be found at http://standingoof.blogspot.com/2016/08/excerpt-from-standing-on-one-foot-by.html

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