Bo Buggles Announces Top 5 Considerations When Buying a Face Painting Kit

Choosing a Face painting Kit for the First Time? 5 Things to Consider.

If you are the parent of a young child then it’s a fair bet that you will have come across the Face Painting phenomenon already, at a birthday party, a fair or through a group event that your child has attended. Due to the popularity that face painting has gained over recent years, there is bound to come a time when it is finally your turn to give it a go!

In a statement today by Face Paint Kit manufacturer Bo Buggles they commented that when choosing a Face Paint Kit there are a number of things to consider when choosing a kit to purchase and offered a shortlist of the Top 5 considerations that should help you choose the best Face paint Kit for your upcoming event.

1. Paint

It may sound a little obvious, but it is not until you start to examine the multitude of face painting kits available to choose from that you will see why we have put it at the top of the list. The first thing you will find is the amount of paint on offer. This can vary enormously and without checking the small print you may end up with not enough paint to go around. Another issue to consider regarding your paint is the possibility of allergic reactions. Be sure the paint you buy is FDA compliant and paraben and lead free. Also check the containers the paints are kept in. Do they have a lid so the paint is preserved for another day?

2. Colors

Most paint kits cover the main primary colors which mean that you may have to spend precious time mixing these together to get the colors to desire. Colors like orange which are very popular can cause a backlog of queuing children if you have to mix it every time. The more colors in a kit means less mixing and more painting so consider the colors on offer and number thereof carefully when choosing a kit to buy.

3. Brushes

Ensure you have enough to apply your paints to your faces. Brushes should be large and small for fine detail work. Sponges work well for broad base colors.

4. Glitter

What child will not want to add a little glitter to their painted face design? Glitter gels make adding a sparkle a lot easier to top off any face painting design.

5. Ideas!

Finally, if you are new to face painting then you may need a little help with ideas. Stencils are a good start to get you going, but also look out for E-Books and links to helpful video tutorials that can guide to the many numerous popular characters that your faces will ask for.

A spokesperson for Bo Buggles commented, “There is a lot of variety and a lot for a person to consider when buying a face painting kit for the first time. At bo Buggles we are constantly reviewing what our customers are telling us and using the feedback to improve our offering. We think our Super Buggly Face Paint Kit offers the highest quality mix of paints, brushes, gels and glitter along side stencils and design ideas. Our customer seem to really like it but we will always continue to improve when we can”

The ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit by Bo Buggles is launched exclusively on Amazon USA. During its launch period the ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit may be purchased at $16.95, a 52% discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price). The ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit by Bo Buggles contains 14 x 4g colors that are FDA Compliant, Vegan, Paraben & Lead Free. The kit also contain also contains 2 x 10ml glitter gels, 2 brushes, 2 sponges, 1 twin tip applicator, boys & girls stencil sets, plus a bonus E-Book containing instructions for painting 8 face painting designs.

Bo Buggles is manufacturer and distributor of The New Face Paint Kit  available exclusively on To purchase the new ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit please visit their page on Amazon at . For further information you may also go to their website at

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