Olympic Success for Team GB

The Olympics passed as quickly as it arrived and Tuesday saw Team GB bring home a flurry of Gold medals to avid sports enthusiasts and proud fans all over the country. The freshly named ‘victoRIOus’ British Airways returned around 320 athletes with a three course meal and champers to celebrate. The triumphant gold medalists enjoyed a spot in first class whilst the non-medal winners were resigned to the economy section amidst the jubilations. Team GB came away with an outstanding record haul of 27 Gold medals which far surpassed the 2012 Olympics.

The British Olympic Association [BOA] has been awarded a 29% increase in funding for the top athletes making incredibly good news for the athletes to return home to. Plans are underway to make Tokyo 2020 a huge success. Many factors have contributed to the success of the athletes which can, without a doubt be attributed to the athlete’s positive mental attitudes and healthy state of mind in the run up to the event and throughout training to the event itself. A conscious effort undertaken by all has proven to be most effective and all in areas in which Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be a huge asset to overall performance and health. If you are considering the merits of NLP, choose a reputable practitioner with a good client base and years of experience in provision of a variety of NLP training courses and certification. One such provider with a wealth of experience and incredible reviews is Inspire 360 who over the last ten years has trained over 8,000 professionals to all different levels of required certification.

A spokesperson for Inspire 360 commented “We followed the Olympics closely and what an incredible final result for Team GB. We are really pleased with the outcome and the performance of the athletes. They truly pulled out all the stops and their efforts resonated in the results. It goes to show how far a positive state of mind and conscious positive attitude can impact on behavior and performance.”


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