Insurance Experts Reveal The Secrets To Buying Cheap Private Medical Insurance

There are many different policies available for Private Medical Insurance in the UK and some of them are much cheaper than others. How can you be confident that the cheap Private Medical Insurance policy you are buying will cover you for the medical treatment you need at the point of claim?

Lianne Harrington CERT CII, Director and Senior Healthcare Consultant at SMP Healthcare Ltd has seen it happen too many times, where clients have taken a policy because it was cheap without realising exactly what is covered. Harrington wants everyone to be aware of the pitfalls when looking for cheap health insurance.

“When people get an email from a company offering Private Medical Insurance at really low premium it should ring alarm bells. Recently I received a sales email of this type and when I read the small print, the premium example given was from 2014 and the policy had a maximum lifetime claim limit of £50,000. This email would have given people unrealistic expectations of how much a policy would really cost in todays market and I would urge people to treat emails like this with caution”.

SMP Healthcare Ltd provide a wealth of resources on their website relating to all the factors that can affect the price of Private Medical Insurance and in the article from Harrington on the 3rd August 2016, there are some great pointers for people to think about before looking for Private Medical Insurance on an individual or company basis.

There are things you can do to make sure you control the cost of your policy which does not strip the benefits available when it matters most.

“When we work with a new client or go through the renewal of a policy with an existing client we always explain the benefits in place and the benefits available to the client from different providers in the market. In doing this, we ensure that the client knows what cover they will have before they buy a policy.

Too often they come back and say they have found a cheaper option and when we compare the two policies for them; subtle changes have been made such as changing the excess to per claim instead of per year, or including high cost out-patients diagnostics in the out-patient limit rather than having full cover. There are a minefield of options and too frequently people get caught out by a shrewd sales person; as with any product you need to ensure you are comparing eggs with eggs.”

Having worked in Private Medical Insurance for a number of years, Harrington is aware that there are cheap Health Insurance policies on the market for example that will cover you only for diagnosis, or give help with money towards cancer treatment or cover you for everything other than cancer and heart problems but wants people to be aware if they do buy a policy of this nature that their cover is restricted.

If you would like help in renewing an existing or selecting a new private healthcare policy then their team of healthcare advisers will be more than happy to help you. You can complete their secure online quotation form at or contact them on or by telephone on 01245 929129.




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SMP Healthcare Ltd was formed in January 2014 with the sole intention of providing the public and business community alike with a way of obtaining Private Medical Insurance on an independent basis. With a sound knowledge of the market we have proved to our clients that the health insurance market does not have to be costly and confusing.


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