CEO Golf Selects Luigi Wewege as Newest ‘CEO of the Week’

LOS ANGELES, CA – 9/2/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — CEO Golf is announcing that Vivier Group President and CEO Luigi Wewege has been selected as the private networking club’s newest “CEO of the Week.” As part of the selection, Wewege is also featured as the subject of an interview now available through CEO Golf.

CEO Golf, a private networking club for like-minded global entrepreneurs and heads of state, is announcing the selection of Luigi Wewege as its newest “CEO of the Week.” Wewege, the president and CEO of Vivier Group, was also featured in a lengthy interview conducted by CEO Golf and offered a great deal of insight regarding his personal and professional influences, his approach to executive leadership, and the advice he offers to new entrepreneurs.

With the announcement of Luigi Wewege as CEO of the Week, Wewege joins an impressive list that includes some of the most innovative and highly respected global entrepreneurs, many of whom have been at the forefront of the movement encouraging a socially conscious approach to entrepreneurship and investing. In the interview, Wewege notes how his professional career has been influenced by socially conscious entrepreneurs and investors, citing Elon Musk as an example of an individual who has utilized commercial ventures to accomplish critical humanitarian goals.

In the interview the CEO Golf interviewer poses a number of interesting questions to the president and CEO of Vivier Group, all of which yield thoughtful and detailed responses. Offering a revealing look at some of the day-to-day responsibilities handled by Wewege as president and CEO of Vivier Group, the interview also provides practical advice for burgeoning entrepreneurs and details some of the challenges faced and the mistakes made by Wewege during the early portion of his own professional career.

Perhaps most interestingly, the CEO Golf interview provides a revealing look at Wewege’s definition of success, with the president and CEO of Vivier Group explaining that he not only views international expansion in which solid returns are generated across all regions as a measure of success, but also believes that fielding offers for acquisition serve as another indicator of success, with Wewege noting that Vivier & Company becoming a threat to someone else’s bottom line is clearly evident of a company’s success.

About Luigi Wewege

Luigi Wewege is the President and CEO of Vivier Group a multinational banking and financial services group of companies, providing its select services worldwide through representation in jurisdictions across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and South America. The group of companies comprise of Vivier Bank, Vivier & Co, Vivier Capital, Vivier Developments, Vivier Investments, Vivier Ventures and launching shortly Vivier Growth Fund.

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