Compare Press Release Distribution Services: Top 5 Companies Reviewed

Compare Press Release DistributionLOS ANGELES, CA – 9/2/2016 — Consumers who want to reach out to more journalists from large media outlets typically go to press release distribution services. As a rapidly growing industry, press release distribution offers a lot of marketshare and service providers. A group of independent search engine optimizers (SEOs) ranked the best press release service of 2016. The SEOs looked at the key performance indicators (KPIs), which includes the reach potential, traffic, exposure and price.

The results from their study entails the following:

  1. Press Release Jet is rapidly growing with their incredibly low rates. The SEOs have shared with us that the media pick up from Press Release Jet’s premium distribution plan exceeds that of other press release distribution services such as PR Newswire. PR Newswire provides around 350, which Press Release Jet surpasses their rate with an average of 400 media sites. With Press Release Jet’s premium plan for $75, customers get more out of their money and saves $700! PR Newswire charges $775 for sending a single press release and about 85% of PR Newswire’s media outlets are the same as Press Release Jet’s. Press Release Jet also offers leniency to their customers by having zero fees for exceeding the standard word count. Photos and videos are included with the services at no additional cost!
  2. PRWeb is the next company on the list and has been used by one of the SEOs in the past. At $159, PRWeb’s standard package offers syndication to 140 media outlets. The quality of PRWeb’s media outlets does not meet the quality of those from Press Release Jet. PRWeb’s press release plans offers a zero fee for exceeding the standard 400 word count, but at $369, their premium plan allows photo and video uploads.
  3. PR Newswire is mostly utilized by larger companies and agencies since it is more on the expensive side – $775 for one press release. The SEOs revealed to us the report results, which yielded about 350 media sites and of the media sites, most of which are very similar to those of Press Release Jet’s premium plan. For a fee of $185, you are able to write an extra 100 words that exceeds the 400 word count. There are also additional fees for uploading photos and videos.
  4. Business Wire targets a similar client group as PR Newswire. Business Wire charges about $700-$1000 for a single press release. The report results reveals that the average press release gets seen about about 200-300 media sites. The quality of these media sites are relatively equivalent to those of Press Release Jet’s and PR Newswire’s services. There is also a fee of $100 for each 100 words that exceeds the standard 400 word count along with additional fees for uploading media.
  5. Marketwired was mostly known for their social media reach, but as the social market expands, this type of reach can be accommodated through other means. Marketwired charges $460 for every press release and has a similar media site pick up rate as Business Wire. There is a fee of $150 for every 100 words that exceed the standard 400 word count.

To conclude the SEOs research, we have to give it to Press Release Jet for having the Best Press Release Services in 2016. They offer high quality media outlets and for an incredibly low price of $75, and you can send your next press release through them at

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