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“Angel Crafts Transfer Stencil Paper”
Angel Crafts’ recently launched product Transfer Stencil Paper is gradually making its presence felt in’s enormous online marketplace. Designed to make tracing easy and affordable, this product is currently selling in Amazon for $37.95.

Angel Crafts is pleased to reveal that yet another product from the company has made a smooth transition into the world’s largest online marketplace. Their recently launched transfer stencil paper has done well make an initial impact on the buyers. Though limited in numbers, the customer reviews received by the product are extremely encouraging. Each pack of this product contains one hundred A4 sized stencil paper sheets. Angel Crafts claims that this new product will make stressing and freehand drawing easy like never before.

One of the most important features of Angel Crafts Transfer Stencil Paper is that it allows users to draw images without flipping or tracing upside. With its convenient page size, it becomes much easier to maneuver the pages while tracing or drawing. The greaseless paper leaves behind no residues, making the lines clearer. Many users have also mentioned that this is the ideal transfer stencil paper for tattoo artists. The tattooists can either use these transfer papers in thermal copiers or use them for hand drawing. The ensure durability and resist fading, these transfer papers have been manufactured using colorfast ink.

A recent user mentions in his Amazon review, “This transfer paper is very well made. It comes in a nice box and the paper is then wrapped in plastic inside the box to keep the sheets protected. There are four sheets: master sheet, carbon sheet, backing sheet and tissue. The tissue paper is a nice thickness. The master sheet is transparent enough to place something you want to trace behind it and you can easily see what you are tracing. The carbon paper is of good quality and transfers an image boldly but not so bold you will not be able to ink over it if you wanted a reverse image.”

Recommending the product, he added, “I was originally using the paper backwards and then realized what was happening. I was able to trace a design and then transfer it onto another piece of paper. I also was able to freehand draw a design and then transfer it onto another piece of paper. I will definitely use this paper for all future transferring needs.”

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