Orion ‘Choco Pie 情’, the global cumulative sales exceeded 4 trillion won

Orion is a global cumulative sales of the “Choco Pie 情 ‘he said more than 4 trillion won to 27 days.

Choco Pie is only the first half of the year recorded a cumulative sales of 4.15 trillion won olrimyeo overseas subsidiaries such as Korea and China combined sales of 200 billion won. This year is 42 years, the 60th anniversary of founding the Orion Choco Pie was born.

Choco Pie has established a production plant in China 1974 released in 1997. In 2006, Russia had established a factory in Vietnam, and is now marketed in the United States, Brazil, Iran, etc. over 60 countries.

Orion is coming watched “released in 1998 potato snacks ‘pokachip’ is representative led the growth of Orion with Choco Pie products,” said “was 2012 nyeonen topped with potato chips the first annual sales of 100 billion won, 14 years potato snack market top there, “he said.

In addition, “debuted in 2006, China ‘Oh, potatoes’ is a record last year, annual sales of 237 billion won only in domestic confectionery industry’s first single-country sales of 200 billion became the brand” and “goraebap” also last year global sales 2140 Oh achieve the 2008 Choco pie, billion KRW in 2013! Following the mega-brand has emerged as a double potato,” he said.

Orion is also reportedly ongoing product innovation to improve the “customer satisfaction”. Primary packaging material to reduce the size improvements lowering an open area ratio, and proceed to secondary packaging improvements to reduce the ink amount into the film packaging. Following the green packaging project to develop a packaging material is harmless to the human body tertiary packaging improvements, it has recently launched a fourth round of packaging improvements to reduce the size of the packaging biscuits and chewing gum products to increase non-caustic lower prices.

kyung jae-Lee Orion ceo said “Thanks to our customers love the Orion product you submitted unchanged over the past 60 years,” he said, “based on the philosophy and tradition of the right to food to consumers will be more companies offering the excitement and great satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, Orion has decided to enter into a joint venture agreement last month for Agricultural and processed foods using domestic agricultural production and strengthen cooperation.

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