Boomcast: The New Social Platform Creating an Army for Change

Imagine an army of 380 million people coming together to heal the world. Launching around the world on August 29th, Boomcast is a new social media platform for social change that features organizations,, The Jane Goodall Institute, Helpful Human, Causeartist, Creativity Cure, Hopeful headline, Goalcast, Huffington Post Vlogger Jay Shetty and more. Boomcast’s positive content, authentic connections, and inspiring stories is exactly what the world needs. Users can post their own content as well as sign petitions, learn about projects and talk about what matters.

It can be discouraging when headline after headline shows what is wrong in the world. A staggering 73% of millennials do not see news media’s impact as positive (Pew Research) and British psychologist Dr. Graham Davey suggests negative media can have long lasting psychological effects including stress, anxiety, depression, and even PTSD (Huffington Post).  In contrast, Boomcast provides a place for individuals to feel inspired by positive news and authentic stories, and to take action on some of the world’s biggest problems. “Boomcast brings social action to the forefront and empowers its users to make a tangible difference,” said DoSomething’s Marissa Ranalli about the new social media platform.

Jay Shetty said during his recent HuffPost Rise Live video about “Becoming a Changemaker,” “It’s about positive vibes, pushing out positive media, and helping us connect with positivity in our lives.” The more thoughtful leaders, hopeful people, and game-changing organizations that come together on Boomcast, the more we can start to shift the mindset of others. By opening minds and inspiring compassion, together we can change the world!

Boomcast is backed by various angel investors including an early Snapchat investor.

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