Lock&Lock 70 countries export base for global expansion Vietnamese DongNai factory

100 million a year of pouring Lock&Lock airtight container Kitchen will be reborn as a global distribution company brand

“8.4 million per month, 100 million a year ‘

Lock&Lock (115 390) (₩ 12,250 0 0.00%), the production capacity of the production subsidiary of Dong Nai, Vietnam. Heat-resistant glass container, cook ware and creating an airtight container in Vietnam factory is being exported all over the world except China. Lock & Lock makes more than half of the products are made here. Vietnam production subsidiary has established itself as a global production base for Lock&Lock has already crossed the Vietnamese domestic market.

Dong Nai (省) yeonjjak (Nhon Trach) complexes of approximately 70㎞ distance southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is the Lock & Lock away here in about an hour away from the city a little more than a wipe from the beginning of 2009. The total area is also the only scale up to 40,000 ㎡ building on land area 70,000 ㎡. Imgwangbin Vietnam produces President of the Corporation “expects to be only the consumer market in Vietnam shortly after built its first retail store in years Ho Chi Minh City 2008 not likely as a base for production and logistics” and “tax benefits of the Vietnamese Government or near the city of Southeast Asian export tax benefits, such as complex considering the advantages Lock & Lock was also selected to Vietnam in the future, following a strategic base in China,” he said.

This led to the expansion of the company out of a factory in Vietnam completed the actual 2009 Lock & Lock, the number of foreign-invested enterprises have moved into yeonjjak Corporation amounts to more than 90. Lock & Lock’s also invested $ 150 million was earlier a part of China, such as Guangzhou factory in Vietnam. Following the closed container factory was completed in 2011 and subsequently castle near Vung Tau 2012 Cook Ware factory and duration of heat-resistant glass factory.

Sold in the domestic share of products produced in Vietnam Vietnam factory is only 10%. The remaining 90% is exported to over 70 countries including the US and Europe as well as Korea. In all regions except China, which will be sold in a sealed container made of a factory in Vietnam. Lock & Lock occupies 34% of sales are products made in Vietnam. The two times the size of its sales in China to raise local production plant.

Upon entering the factory was constantly pouring out the product from the injection molding machines up to 92. Plastic products in excess of 300,000 per day is only made through the injection molding machine fills the container box 36 on a daily basis. Yeonjjak production factory and employs nine people at more than 700 local workers to Korea representative. Kim Yong-hee Dong Nai President of the Corporation “Korea has a representative as well as turning to local staff in all 24 Time Factory one trillion two shifts in three forms,” ​​said “There hurry to go back to the factory operating rate is also 95 to 100% level,” he said.

The biggest advantage of a manufacturing subsidiary in Vietnam is low energy costs. The President of the Corporation Lim stressed that “half of the electricity and natural gas in China is also 80%,” said “and abundant labor cost competitiveness, tax benefits benefits also indispensable.” Product quality as used in the production equipment and raw materials, such as domestic and domestic products there is a big difference. Lock & Lock dwaetdago said side improved as the skill of the staff held by the Vietnam’s largest plastic injection molding process also is incomparable with any other injection Vietnamese companies.

President gimjunil extraordinary attention put into production subsidiary in Vietnam. About a week a month, it has spearheaded the production site to find a direct Vietnam. Vietnamese expatriates all around to check if they ride an airplane, such as you find the first president of South Korea Kim in return, such as vacations.

Local Preference considered only as a premium product brand established itself Lim

Lock & Lock has managed to establish itself as a premium brand in the Vietnamese domestic market led by the strength of the Vietnamese production plant. Sales in just seven years, Vietnam expansion increased seven-fold. Sales in 2009 were only 34 billion won last year rose to 22 billion won. Lim President of the Corporation “Lock & Lock It was able to establish itself quickly as a luxury brand kitchen Living in Hanoi, Vietnam, the products produced in its own factory, Ho Chi Minh City as well as killing even one quick distribution to the 2nd and 3rd tier cities such as Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho “said” nothing considering the needs and tendencies of the Vietnamese were able to continue to market and sell exclusive products, such as bottle holder and itgie made possible with the production plant,” he said.

Vietnam is entering the initial phase can not be compared. The direct management stores also increased to 40.

Lim President of the Corporation directly operated stores according to the “advance early only if it was like brand awareness, managing and plastic kitchenware are cheap recognize this is a neighbor to a large shopping mall and luxury department stores stronger than the mountains” and “actually about two months sales results had also catch up with work conditions that determine the neighbor,” he recalls.

Lock & Lock is a manufacturing and sales, as well as the future kitchen Living plans to deal with even the most popular brands in Korea. Department stores as well as supermarkets will advance to the provincial towns. Lim stressed that the President of the Corporation “Lock & Lock will go forward as a place to hold the extended business network in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, and concentrated geographical advantage and a huge consumer market and Lock & Lock to replace China as a production base hub based on abundant labor.”

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