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VERO BEACH, FL – 2 Sep, 2016 – On May 27, 2016, following intensive planning and fund-raising, Algae to Omega, LLC (A2O) an innovative biotechnology company, closed on a 99 acre mixed use parcel of land in Vero Beach, FL, formerly the Indian River Correctional Facility.  A2O won its bid on the property as it was auctioned off by the State of Florida. The facility will now serve as A2O’s new headquarters and production facility

“This acquisition was a terrific opportunity to meet the needs of our growing client-base, shareholders and like-minded—progressive—organizations that want to join us with our vision to create a hub for agro technology”, said Geronimos Dimitrelos, Founder & CTO of Algae to Omega, LLC.

Over the course of the last six years A2O has developed patented, proprietary technologies to cultivate and harvest algae to supply organic raw materials for functional foods, nutraceutical, animal feed, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical markets.  As an example, a byproduct of A2O’s algae extraction process serves as high-quality organic fish food, while the fish farm’s wastewater would provide essential nutrients to the algae and hydroponic growth—essentially saving costs and promoting healthy sustainability for both or multiple entities.

With 139,000 square-foot facilities, multiple auxiliary structures, and undeveloped land, the existing infrastructure provides a perfect atmosphere, with concrete walls and ceilings, for algae cultivation with minimal retrofitting.  Additionally, the high fences and razor-wire will offer unparalleled security for A2O and the other entities that will be co-locating on the undeveloped land.  

A2O envisions itself as a catalyst for a green agricultural technology park; where one business’ waste stream becomes the other’s input stream. Its acquisition of the former correctional facility will allow the Company to attract synergistic Agro-Tech sustainable industries as well as research institutions seeking to expand their market presence in Florida. Potential synergistic businesses include (but are not limited to) fish farms, hydroponic farms, green rehabilitation and medical cannabis.

A2O is now setting up and troubleshooting equipment, which was moved from their former Oakland Park, FL R&D facility. A2O’s proprietary algae strains are now being optimized for conditions at the new facility while they prepare to scale up other parts of their laboratories. 

As A2O continues to expand its operations, they will be responding to political, social, environmental, and investment interests. A2O representatives will also be working with potential strategic partners such as animal feed producers, fish farmers, hydroponic and traditional agricultural businesses, clean energy producers, public and private universities and research centers, and more. With a promising future, A2O will be keeping the public updated on their innovative project.

Visit www.algae2omega.com for more info.

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