Mads Ottersland, Digital Marketing Guru

Norway – Mads Ottersland operates a small digital marketing agency focusing on local businesses in Norway. His business offers web design, SEO and conversion optimization. Achieving growth is easy for some companies but hard for most. What distinguishes those companies that grow in their local market in the face of competition and stagnant market? “Local Digital Marketing.”

Mads says, “Many agencies encourage businesses to “market online” by using digital technology and the internet. These small businesses ultimately begin “global marketing” the moment they hit the web. Focusing on the broader approach to web, social, and mobile is detrimental to some businesses. These businesses end up competing against other companies that aren’t going after the same customer. This trend has thankfully been turned on its head due to the lack of financial impact. Local businesses who rely on foot traffic from their city’s footprint, or smaller, are realizing that they need to focus on local digital marketing. In today’s uncertain and changeable world, local businesses’ competitive advantage increasingly depends on their ability to maximize the local market.”

Mads Ottersland helps to create local business pages on Google+ Local Pages, Facebook Pages and Bing Places for Business. These pages appear in local searches which makes them highly valuable in local marketing efforts. A local business must show up in search results when people search for that particular business category and city or region. Other local business pages to pay attention to include LinkedIn Company Pages, Foursquare,and Manta profiles. By creating these local pages, Mads helps to increase exposure online, helping potential customers find his client’s businesses.

Once all of the local business listings are created, Mads then helps to make sure his client takes advantage of the social proof potential. Many of these local sites allow consumers to review or endorse the company. Not only will the positive comments establish social proof and credibility to the brand, it will also boost the SEO.

Ottersland approaches the company with keyword research. It’s imperative to find out which search terms people use when searching for businesses in the area. Many business owners get hung up here, which is why they come to Mads. He will need to experiment with keyword combinations on the company website and uncover, through testing, which keywords will gain the highest level of conversion. Making sure to add the city or region names to industry-relevant terms is also important. This is an established method to generate localized search phrases.

Transitioning the digital marketing efforts to emphasize on local is a good place to start when trying to grow a business in a city’s footprint. By supplementing these digital strategies with traditional marketing initiatives – local promotions and events for example – it positions the business as an industry leader in a local area. Mads Otterland knows how to shift a business’ digital marketing strategy to focus on the local area. A local marketing effort can generate huge benefits and sales, if done right.

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