Press Release Jet Publishes Website Launch Press Release Template

Website Launch Press ReleaseLOS ANGELES, CA – 9/5/2016 — Do you have a new website you want to spread the word about? Press releases can be a highly effective way to do so if done properly. Unfortunately, many people are not sure what steps to take to format a great website launch press release.

Press Release Jet offers a website launch press release template—perfect for those who are ready to launch a new website! Press Release Jet offers an easy to follow template for those wanting to write about their website launch.

With the option to download the template or to submit your press release directly through their press release distribution services, you can start your first steps in the right direction. For as low as $35, Press Release Jet can offer customers the best return-on-investment rate in the industry by having a high rate of media outlet syndication. You can get the most out of your website press release!

To check out Press Release Jet’s Website Launch Press Release Template, click here.

Press Release Jet also provides a variety of different templates that can be tailored to your needs and wants. Along with the templates, some provide examples of what a good press release looks like and what a bad press release looks like. Press Release Jet’s templates also provides in depth explanations on the specifics of press releases such as writing a great headline or how to appeal to your targeted audience.

To access more templates, please visit or visit to send out your next press release!

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