Spris, the new brand ‘Twice’ launching, 10 overseas market objectives

Jeonguk Brand agent JYP Entertainment representative (left) and Nam-Ho, Kim Representative GV

“These 10 international goals beyond the domestic market.”

Representative Kim, Nam – Ho GV 30 am in Seoul opened brand agent Weiss’ launch event at the Westin Chosun said, “this year’s sales target is 10 billion won will enter the Chinese market next year,” he said Tuesday. GV is a local shoe company was founded in April spris companies to overseas singers belonging to JYP Entertainment’s content item reconciliation.

GV was the launch of a strategic partnership signed with JYP Entertainment ‘agent Weiss. Through this partnership GV should ensure the formal right to take advantage of JYPE artists belonging to the agent Weiss footwear brand, and is responsible for overall business agent of the brand Weiss. As the official distributor of seupeuriseu and Les collection is updated Weiss products will have the national franchise. seupeuriseu also provides a platform where you can buy the mobile pages as a separate establishment, teenagers convenient.

Representative Kim is an artist and is based on the brand’s commitment to the global expansion of “business seupeuriseu
The goal fell on each other’s right to JYP abandonment, “said” Unlike the short-term is commonly done in collaboration or contractual model, GV will avoid a long-term brand growth business with artists,” he said.

The first artist of the joint venture the two companies is that bit Weiss Group. “I want to be like my own star, you want to express your style, the brand captured the teenage passion and dream concept” Muse Matthew (MA MUSE). The first product together major national seupeuriseu sneakers ‘Weiss taro root’, the next month two days Myeong-dong, Gangnam, such as Les is sold in more than 130 stores. The price is ₩ 69,000.

“The end of next month updated Weiss members chaeyoung scheduled to be followed by a limited edition product launches involved in the design work basing new products to meet the Mnet Asian Music Awards to be held in December to expand into China,” he said “beyond the Asian market long-term goal the US market.” he says.

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