Sunkoo Machine Tech Introduces PTFE/UHMWPE Extruder Machine for Producing Tube and Rod with Unlimited Length

China based Sunkoo Machine Tech Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of quality PTFE/UHMWPE Tube/Rod Extruder Machines that can be used for manufacturing a wide range of PTFE / Teflon products of various lengths and dimensions.

There is a wide range of plastic tubes and rods that have diverse types of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. These plastic products have a significant demand across the globe and companies manufacturing these products can have a flourishing business in their local markets. China based Sunkoo Machine Tech Company now allows companies around the world to build a thriving business of manufacturing plastic tubes, rods and other PTFE / Teflon products by supplying them quality rod and tube extruder machines, PTFE & UHMWPE machines and other related products.

Sunkoo Machine Tech Introduces PTFE/UHMWPE Extruder Machine for Producing tube and rod with Unlimited Length

The company has an impressive Extruder Machine range in their portfolio, including Vertical Type PTFE/UHMWPE Rod Ram Extruder Machine, Teflon PTFE tube Ram Extruder Machine, Vertical Type Tube Ram Extruder PFG500 for Teflon PTFE Tube, PTFE/UHMWPE rod Ram Horizontal Type Extrusion line, PTFE Hose paste extruder, PTFE Gasket press machine and other PTFE machines. These extruder machines can be used to produce rods and tubes of various diameters and unlimited length. Featuring modern technology, these machines are easy to use and save time and money with a fast and accurate production process.

They also supply PTFE Tube of high quality and good electrical insulation. Physical property of Elongation >270%, Tensile Strength with 3000PSI high and Specific Gravity with high than 2.5. PTFE corrugated tubing size form diameter 9mm to 80mm with 100 meters length. PTFE products have exported to USA and European many years.With outstanding chemical properties and high temperature resistance, the PTFE plastic tubes are suitable for many applications.

Sunkoo Machine Tech has an excellent range of machines for manufacturing PTFE Teflon tubes, using extruding, molding, filling and sintering furnace processes. The machine can be used for manufacturing tubes of different dimensions and wall thickness with filled fiberglass, filled graphite, filled carbon and other features. One can produce filled PTFE/Teflon tubes with different fillings and can grow their business in different markets.

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About Sunkoo Machine Tech Co., Ltd

Sunkoo Machine Tech Company is an expert Manufacturer and exporter of PTFE & UHMWPE machines and products having more than 10 years of experience. All products are of standard quality and passed the CE, ISO & SGS certifications. The company has a good reputation in European, USA, Middle East and Asian markets. They produce plastic machines and export them to many countries. The main products/machines are as follows: PTFE & UHMWPE Rod Ram Extruder, Tubing Ram Extrusion machine line, Gaskets Press Machine and Paste Extruder, Film Skiving Machine, Plastic Extrusion machine, PTFE Tubing & PTFE Teflon Rod, PTFE sheets, films and PTFE Telfon corrugated tubing etc.

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