Tiandao Education Top 500 North American Career Hero Training Program, the Secret of Success in Overseas Employment

The international student recruitment schemes of the popular universities could be called one of the most successful exports of the US. In these world-class colleges, the students from China, India, France or Russia can be found everywhere. Just last year, the Chinese students contributed over 6 billion dollars for the US economy. However, the number of these students who are expected to continue to stay in the US and create value is experiencing a blowout decrease.

According to Chinese Overseas Returnees Development Report 2015, among the 520 thousand international students in the US, 410 thousand returned China after graduation. Admittedly, some students came back for personal plans, but the growth in the number of overseas returnees was mainly attributed to the influence of visa and severe employment situations encountered by Chinese students in the US.

It was said by some critics that although too many enrolled Chinese students may benefit the earning of universities, they had damaged the interests of US students at the same time. On the other hand, the large amount of fund from international students has played a certain role in the economy of the whole US. Thanks to the appearance and development of Chinese middle bourgeoisie, current Chinese students tend to be diligent and thrifty rather than the consumers with strong purchasing power. Today, some US enterprises which have branch offices in China even consider Chinese students as the potential employees in the future. Therefore, to a great extent, US society is affected by the employment issues of Chinese students.

Chinese students often complain about the costly tuition fee and much difficulty in job hunting in the US. The actual reasons for that are their inadaptation to the foreign culture and lack of English proficiency. Thus more practice opportunities, better language skills and learning ability are expected to equip the job seekers with stronger competitiveness as well as adaptability to the US culture. If further given the internal recommendations from an extensive network of contacts, the students will have more chance to find a job in the US.

Tiandao Education, the famous overseas education service provider of China, believes that every company is in favor of the capable job seekers. It is also supposed that all of the job seekers with capability are able to find their suitable jobs in the US as long as they overcome the deficiency in language and experience and grasp the interview and communication skills in the job search process. The Top 500 North American Career Hero Training Program launched by Tiandao, will provide an opportunity for job seekers to meet with more than 200 executives from global top 500 enterprises. These career elites majoring in business management, economics, finance, engineering, computer science and mathematics etc. are very familiar with the enterprises which offer jobs and H1B visa especially to the Chinese. They will help the job seekers to obtain targeted internship opportunities and internal referral of top companies in order to find a suitable job.

Tiandao Education Group, who launches the Top 500 North American Career Hero Training Program, is a famous brand of China for overseas study consulting. In 2016, 10126 offers from US universities were issued to Tiandao applicants of China. By this training program, Tiandao aims to develop the essential qualities for job search such as language, connections and job experience of Chinese student so as to fundamentally solve the problem of overseas employment.

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