Workouts are Being Taken to a New Height in Boston – William Byrd, one of the top fitness trainers on the East Coast is opening the first Versa Climber studio in Boston

There’s a new workout machine coming to Boston and it blows away treadmills and StairMasters when it comes to burning fat and building muscle. The Versa Climber is a revolutionary piece of workout equipment that simulates the act of climbing and has been proven to outperform traditional aerobic exercises.

William Byrd, one of the East Coast’s top fitness trainers, has completed master training in the Versa Climber, and now he’s taking workouts in Boston to a whole new height. With over 10,000 hours of training experience, even Will was amazed when he read about the results of the Versa Climber:

Naturally, Will was a bit skeptical at first, despite reading published studies. Once he had a chance to try the VersaClimber himself, he was convinced. It’s not only fitness gurus like Will who’ve gotten hooked on the Versa Climber, everyday people and even celebrities are learning about the new machine.

According to Men’s Journal, Matt Damon’s trainer, Jason Walsh, prescribed a workout routine using the Versa Climber to get Damon in shape for his role in Jason Bourne. The result was the famous trailer of the shirtless Damon knocking someone out in one punch, and looking tougher than he did nine years earlier in The Bourne Identity.

Will looks ripped like Damon as he demonstrates the VersaClimber and describes what people can expect when they visit his studio, Elite Training Boston:

“We’ve got the only dedicated VersaClimber studio in Boston. We’re setup to teach group classes, and I also provide one-on-one training. It was important to me to really understand how to use the machine, so I traveled to LA and completed master training in the Versa Climber before bringing it back here to Elite Training Boston.”

With a fully equipped studio, and energetic music playing from wireless speakers, Elite Training Boston is a great place to improve your fitness. And now, it’s the only fitness studio in Boston that’s offering the revolutionary Versa Climber.

You can see class schedules and learn more about Will at

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