Elite Training Boston Introduces The Versa Climber – An All Rounded Fitness Machine That Efficiently Works All Body Muscles

Invented in 1981 by Dick Charnitsky, the president and founder of Heart Rate Inc., the VersaClimber was the first commercial exerciser to use heart rate as a speedometer for exercise. The fun and easy to use machine has been, for the past 30 years, the No. 1 rated vertical training device in the US, accommodating all levels of fitness and age groups. It allows walking, jogging, running and sprinting vertically with various stride lengths and speeds, burning more calories and fat than any other type of exercise.

A cardio exercise machine at the core, the VersaClimber is versatile, joint friendly, works wonders for rehabilitation programs and allows for an increased 206% calorie burn compared to a treadmill, in only 20 minutes. Fun and easy to use, it activates both the upper and lower sections of the body, working at the same time all the major muscle groups from quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, calves, back, chest, shoulders and arms.

“I’m an avid rock and ice climber. I run marathons all the time. In fact, 21 in all. I’m constantly training for cardio. Until I used a VersaClimber, I never had a piece of cardio equipment take my breath away. The VersaClimber is an awesome cardio trainer – it’s taken me to a whole new level”, says Heidi.

The machine is fit for all kind of individuals, no matter their health and fitness goals: from people who do little to no exercise to boxers and MMA fighters. It was even used in training by Mat Damon as a fast and efficient way to get in shape for the movie Jason Bourne.

Here’s what Mat Damon’s trainer, Walsh, had to say: “The VersaClimber reinforces primitive movements, namely the natural crawl motion, which is superior for strengthening the body effectively and safely. It demands the whole body to work as one unit, recruiting more muscles, oxygen and ultimately more calories.”

What’s more, the VersaClimber’s crawl motion increases stability and balance and it also has the ability to reinforce neuromuscular patterns to help reduce back pain.

The VersaClimber works so well because it employs the same type of movement humans use when crawling, walking or running, developing balance, movement and a higher communication between the hemispheres of the brain.

The VersaClimber’s efficiency is supported by extensive research and scientific results. A study conducted at the California State University determined that the upright exercise modality the VersaClimber enables generates a greater effort, intensity and resistance workload, providing a far better workout than other traditional programs and machines. Another research developed at the University of Illinois established, after analyzing a series of female subjects performing a series of standard workouts that due to the combination of natural movement patterns with a greater workload there is a definite increase in strength and endurance levels. When it comes to oxygen uptake levels, the VersaClimber was proclaimed, after a study conducted at Washington State University, a much better alternative to the treadmill and rower.

William Byrd, performance enhancement specialist and owner of Elite Training Boston, has made it his career-goal to bring the benefits of the VersaClimber to his clients. After an extensive study period spent in LA, he gather all the knowledge and secrets about the VersaClimber and is now able to share it with all those who desire to take charge of their health. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Green Mountain College, William Byrd has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals by providing exemplary trainings and innovative workouts.

Elite Training Boston is a state of the art studio located at 150 Belmont, St. Watertown, MA 02472. Equipped with the latest and best training VersaClimber machines, including, but not limited to Eleiko bars and plates, the studio is the first of his kind to introduce extensive VersaClimber classes and individual trainings.

“Our classes are outfitted with plenty of VersaClimber machines and participants will be taken through a full workout session designed to increase heart rates, challenge muscles and turbo-charge the metabolism”, says Will.

The classes are conceived for all kind of individuals and have different difficulty levels. Ranging from 18 to 30 minute interval workouts, the classes are designed for a size group of 4 people. Elite Training Boston also offers individual training sessions, where the clients have the possibility to personalize their workout with weights, body exercises, the VersaClimber or a combination of all these methods.

To find out more about the VersaClimber and the classes Elite Training Boston offers, please visit https://www.elitetrainingboston.com/home.html

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