Covert Alert Offers Life-Saving Emergency App

Lucrative Innovations, Inc., maker of mobile apps for consumers and businesses, announced today that its Covert Alert personal safety app will be going onto Android very soon.  The hands-free emergency app uses voice recognition to trigger pre-programmed emergency alerts and covert reporting in threatening situations. Once activated by the user’s voice, the app sends a message to the users designated contacts and provides a link for tracking the user in real time GPS. With the recording feature, Covert Alert is the first “3 in 1” emergency app of its kind in the market.

“Our team spent 19 months developing Covert Alert to provide a voice-activated App to assist quickly in emergencies,” said Kim Vice President of Media Relations at Lucrative Innovations. “We did not cut corners just to get an app on the market, but included every feature to assist users in emergencies, and in situations of abuse and discrimination of all types. Hands-free activation without anyone’s knowledge, and the ability to covertly record those situations, are a must in today’s society.”

Kim believes every iPhone user and Android user should have Covert Alert as an additional safety measure in 2017.

Covert Alert is distinctive in that the app enables the user to establish key phrases that, when spoken, trigger the app to notify others that an emergency is occurring. This way, even if the user’s phone is in a handbag, set to “sleep,” if the user says the key phrase, such as “Green stop sign,” the app’s proprietary voice recognition software will detect that there is an emergency. The assailant will have no idea that an “alarm” has been tripped, in effect. The user can set up friends and relatives as emergency contacts, who will receive a text stating that the user is experiencing an emergency, the developers are currently working with 911 in conjunction. The app records the experience, storing the recording on cloud servers for future access by law enforcement.  “You seldom have the use of your hands to activate an alert in an emergency,” Kim added.

The app is also useful for uncomfortable but non-emergency situations such as being stuck at a boring social event and needing friends to “come to the rescue.”  “Many settings that require the need for a confidential messaging system that is activated only by your voice, and no one around you is aware the message was sent,” Worland noted.

Covert Alert will be available on the iTunes App store for $6.99. Please note the developers have no annoying in app commercials! The app is currently available for iPhones.  


Founded in 2014, Lucrative Innovations was built on the idea that innovation leads to simplicity. The team is dedicated in the development of applications and software for business and individual consumers in the area of safety, security, and public awareness. The Company is located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

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