Many building types that have been tested since human beings started to feel the need for shelter. It is one of the essentials of life. The durability of construction is one of the most important features of the housing needs. The constructions which are not durable and solid may cause unavoidable casualties and even deaths.  At this point, prefabricated construction becomes more preferable day by day instead of classical concrete structures as they are more elastic, durable and economical. Besides they are easily assembled and disassembled in a very short period of time.

Prefabricated manufacturing industry has gradually becoming an improving industry. New technologies are changing the usual standards of production and these structures produced to meet the residence requirements of human are becoming more sensitive to human health and the environment. Thus, energy consumption is reduced, environmental pollution is reduced and individuals have a healthy life style.


Particularly in Turkey which has many regions prone to earthquake prefabricated building demand is increasing because in any emergency case they can be produced and installed rapidly, they have the characteristics of an earth-quake resistant building and may be used in many different areas. This sector is open to many new opportunities not only in Turkey but all around the world particularly due to urban transformation projects. 

People who need construction prefer ready-made structures produced with light steel. Prefabricated buildings can be manufactured to suit every need. You can even find prefabricated cam buildings for sale in Turkey as well as residential homes.  Rapid production of ready-made structures, ease of installation durability and other characteristics increases the interest every day. Almost everyone now have information on prefabricated houses. With each passing day the number and variety of prefabricated houses continues to increase in our country.

Prefabrik Yapi

For your prefabricated requirements we offer you to contact with Prefabrik Yapi, the leading company of prefabricated buildings in Turkey via company web site on

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