New Gothic Horror Novel Sorrel And Myriana Has Become One Of The Most Talked About Thriller Novels Of 2016

Book reviewers have said it’s such a rare occasion to find a novel that is a “gothic horror” and even rarer occasion to find one that is as amazing as Sorrel and Myriana.

A new Gothic Horror Novel by Evelyn Sun has become a huge hit with fans of horror and thriller novels. Sorrel and Myriana, which is a story about the lives of Myriana, a mob wife, and her sadistic husband, Sorrel Borchardt has been called one of the most compelling reads of 2016. The book has caused so much excitement; fans have called for the book to be turned into a film.

Evelyn Sun, who has been described as an exciting new author who manages to entice her readers and draw them into the story, decided she wanted to write a novel that would not only excite people but also drive them to the edge of their seats. With all the positive reviews the author has received for her new book, it seems that she has achieved her goal.

When literary author, Evelyn Sun, found out from her publisher that her novel was classified as a “gothic horror,” she was both shocked and thrilled. It is a niche that is not so often tapped and one with few great titles. But now, things have changed. Sorrel and Myriana will put the genre of gothic horror on the top list of reader’s favorite genres.

When asked to describe the story, Evelyn Sun explained the story starts in 1932 in the fictional City of Dalltop.

She said: “In the dead of night, a young woman cries for help, but none turn an ear to her pleas. She scuttles through the lost buildings under their leaky roofs for shelter, but they always come. They dress as dark as the night and hide in the shadows. She pierces her feet in mileage and tears her clothes in desperation, but they always find her.”

The author went on to explain that the young woman is called Myriana, a rich lady with no ambitions, no voice of her own that is until she became the wife of the handsome tycoon, Sorrel Borchardt. She soon learns that nothing is as it superficially appears. The streets that shine during the day actually stand upon the rotten foundations of a mafia organization known as Idon.

Since being released, Sorrel and Myriana has become one of the most reviewed new thriller books of 2016. Crystal Holdefer, editor and writer, said:” I’ve read many horror books over the years, but Evelyn’s book is a refreshing spin on this genre. With compelling characters, eloquent descriptions, and a forward narrative, you’ll be swept up by this twisted tale of a woman trapped by her sadistic husband and the lengths she goes to survive.”

Guillaume Boisset, author of Pipeline to the Coast, had this to say: “Sorrel and Myriana has been written in a style that crosses borderline gothic with at times a touch of etherealism. This is a chilling tale that accomplishes what a good horror story should: chart a descent into terror and despair while keeping the reader on edge as they wonder what will happen next in an alternate world such as this one.” Tony Parsons, long-time book reviewer, claimed that Sorrel and Myriana earned an “easy rating of 5 stars.”

Book reviewers believe Sorrel and Myriana will become one of the biggest selling Gothic Horror Novel, and since its launch it has become one of the most talked about books on social media.

Sorrel and Myriana ( is available at all major retailers including Amazon, Kobo, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, iTunes bookstore and over 35,000 other retailers. It is written in a literary style that delivers a story filled which exciting plot points.

About Evelyn Sun

Evelyn Sun is a new author who has quickly become a prominent name in the literary world. Her new book has gained worldwide attention and is currently being sold in all popular online book stores.

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