LIVALL Introduces Latest Indiegogo Campaign, Launches Series of Smart Helmets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 9/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — LIVALL, the company spreading the joy of smart riding, today announced three new smart helmets: the MT1, designed for mountain biking, the BH81H, optimized for urban riding and the KS2 – the company’s first helmet for children. The helmets will initially be available via a new campaign on Indiegogo.

Designed by cyclists for cyclists, LIVALL’s smart, safe cycling helmets and smart-bike accessories provide cyclists with a safe, fun experience by integrating communications, music and smart lighting functions. After two successful crowdfunding campaigns in 2015 on Indiegogo (BH100) and Kickstarter (BH60), LIVALL is excited to introduce their new smart helmets and features.

LIVALL’s new BH81H is designed to meet the demands of urban and distance riders and provides real-time, accurate heart-rate monitoring, with a voice system and app reminder to alert riders when their heart-rate reaches a dangerous level. The MT1 represents a brand new design for the mountain biker. It weighs only 10.5 oz, which is about 5.5 oz lighter than the current LIVALL BH100 helmets thanks to its new composition, a light US-manufactured EPS foam bonded by PC. Together, these materials create a helmet that is durable and can resist high-speed impact by dispersing blunt force.

The KS2, designed for kids, is simple and stylish with lights located on the top and tail of the helmet. Tapping lightly three times on the helmet turns on the warning lights, allowing parents to locate their children quickly to ensure their safety.

Both LIVALL adult Bling Helmets will send SOS alerts to emergency contacts via the LIVALL Riding mobile app when an integrated three-axis G-sensor senses an external strike caused by an accident or fall. The built-in LED tail lights on the back of the helmets indicate to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists which way cyclists plan to turn and are easily operated by means of a single press of the Bling Jet handlebar-mounted remote control.

Thanks to an integrated design that limits background noise, cyclists can use the built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth stereo speakers and windbreak microphone to make or answer phone calls without distractions. Texts sent through the LIVALL Riding app are automatically converted to voice messages for users in “riding mode.” In addition, using the Bling Jet remote control, cyclists can enjoy music while riding and can select, play, or pause songs, and are able to control the speaker. Cyclists can also use the walkie-talkie feature for helmet to helmet communications. Furthermore, users are able to capture images using the LIVALL Riding app either while their bike is in motion, or when pulled over for a pit stop. LIVALL’s helmets are part of a full smart-riding gear system which also includes the Bling Jet™ remote control, a phone mount and charger, and the world’s smallest single-unit cadence sensor.

“Our mission at LIVALL is to ensure the safety and health of cyclists through our smart-biking gear and LIVALL Riding mobile app, and to deliver an enjoyable experience they want to share with others. We want to spread the joy of smart cycling around the world,” says Brian Bo, LIVALL founder and CEO.

The smart devices use Bluetooth to connect to the LIVALL Riding mobile app, available to download free on Google Play and the App Store. The Bling helmets can be purchased for a limited time via Indiegogo in different perk package pricing while supplies last. Super Early-bird shoppers will be able to purchase the MT1 at $99 and the BH81H at $109 plus shipping. LIVALL’s prototypes are finished and ready for mass production with products set to ship November 2016.


LIVALL aims to help ensure the safety of cyclists and deliver an enjoyable experience that they love to share with others. Founded by cyclists, LIVALL focuses on R&D, operations, marketing, and management of smart-cycling equipment. Based in Shenzhen, China, the company expanded its international operations during 2016.

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