New Auto Theft Technique Stopped by Key Fob Holder That Blocks RFID Signals

Security protection retailer Nasafes this week released a new leather Key Fob Holder that blocks RFID signals. This solves a problem auto owners have been experiencing with sophisticated thieves gaining access to their key fob. It is used for keyless entry into popular models of cars. Thieves can then open the locked car at will.

The Key Fob Holder has two inside pockets. One is for keeping everyday items while another longer pocket is RFID protected and allows owners to keep up to 10 credit cards. This solves another major problem where thieves use electronics to steal information from a credit card chip.

The fob holder is made of very soft, high quality leather that makes it comfortable in a pocket and easy to hold.

Car theft is accomplished using a technique called Signal Relaying. They use an electronic scanner to pick up the signals coming from a key fob in an owner’s pocket or purse. The scanner can duplicate the fob’s signal to open the car.

Popular models that use this type of keyless entry are Honda Odyssey minivan and Toyota Tacoma truck along with such European luxury cars as Mercedes Keyless Go and BMW. Investigators aren’t always sure how thieves are using electronic gadgets to gain entry to cars, but incidences have been multiplying across the United States in recent months.

Meanwhile researchers around the world have been busy looking for new ways to gain keyless access to automobiles. They have discovered several new high tech ways to do it. Fortunately thieves have yet to start using these methods, but such activity couldn’t be far behind.

The leather fob holder has a keychain so owners can keep standard keys on it. The high quality leather become even softer with use. Over time it will naturally mould to the shape of the key used.

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