How Visionary Leaders Will Shape The Future Of Saudi Arabia’s Economy

September, 2016 – Saudi Arabia is in need of visionary leaders who can walk the talk, influence the next generation and partner with ally countries in making the Kingdom a better economy, primarily driven by young minds who are innovative and has the capacity to lead Saudi Arabia to the next economic destination.

The future of any nation is always crafted by leaders of thoughts who have the influence to stimulate a consistent change which will bring about the desired economic change.

Son of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, (the king of Saudi Arabia), Prince Saud Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Sauud is an emerging leader who has the charisma to fully activate the next generation of the kingdom’s economic leaders. He is actively involved in mentoring young innovators in the Kingdom, as he believes they are indeed the future of the nation.

The prince mixes his Royal Courts upbringing with his continuing great interest in all foreign and domestic policies to stimulate a new wave of ideas among businesses and startup businesses which can strategically position and diversify the Kingdom’s economy.

The prince is now actively involved in all of Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy, is President of Culture and believes in committed to working with other countries as an ambassador for new friendships. He will be a great asset to the kingdom in forming great ties with the international community with the kingdom’s interest.

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