Donation To Help A Military Veteran and His Family Put Life Back on Track

“Jason with his children”
Jason, a 38 years old hard working US Military Veteran with a wife and 3 kids needs financial assistance to put their life back.

September 6th 2016 – Minot, North Dakota – My name is (Angel ), and I am writing on behalf of Jason, a 38 years old hard working US Military Veteran with a wife and 3 kids, who is currently having financial challenges and needs to put his life and family back on track. Jason was in active service in the US Army for 16 years where he sacrificed his life to protect his dear country. He deployed many times and stood for this country, keeping it safe until he was honorably discharged. Jason still loves his country, he joined the army reserve for 6 years and currently is in his second year of that. His wife, Catherine, was a Volunteer Firefighter most of her life and worked in volunteer Red Cross. They always helped others no matter what. But now, the tables have turned.

Jason’s family has medical issues. His wife has health issues and was. After his honorable discharge, Jason moved to ND where he worked and so did his wife. Unfortunately, they had no idea their jobs had asbestos till his wife got sick. The house had moved into had black mold unknown to them earlier; their daughter currently has health issues from mold they found. This led them to start asking questions and when they got answers, they moved on board an old Recreational Vehicle which they now call their home because nothing else there is affordable and there are no other homes in that area. This place they live is more than an hour away from medical care and they go every 4 days to get meds. And to complicate issues, this last June, his wife was hit by a hit and run driver who left her in a ditch. They had to pay a lot out for her medicals and auto.

Amidst all of this, Jason and his wife were able to find jobs in another state and now they just need to get there. They can’t save enough money and they need to move soon. He deserves better and we are asking people to help us out with them. Because he spent so much of his time and money helping those less fortunate than himself, I would really like to see him get a helping hand to get back on his feet again and see his family well again. This is our chance to help this family get home and to the jobs waiting for them and medical care they deserve. Both of them have Jobs offers back home. Being an independent person that I have known for many years, I have never ever heard Jason ask for help or assistance even though it’s obvious that he is in need and could use some help right now.

I am therefore putting up this campaign because I need your financial support to help to achieve this dream, putting a lasting smile on the face of Jason’s family. I am totally depending on your donation to fulfill this dream without which, I will be unable to get it done. I will be very grateful for your support and your name will be remembered and honored anytime we reach a new landmark in the in this project. Please note that no amount is too big or too small to give to someone in need. Whether it’s $5, $15, $25, $50 or $500 you give, every amount will be greatly appreciated and will be used for the purpose of helping Jason’s family accordingly.

Kindly click the donate button now and donate as you have purposed in your heart. I promise to keep you updated on every progress on this campaign. Unable to give? No problem; you can simply help me share the campaign with your friends on social media to support me and I will be grateful to you. Please click and share

Thank you very much for the anticipated donation, may God bless you for helping me fulfill this dream and for bringing hope to Jason and his family.


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