Cruise Montauk or “The Tomoka” celebrates the rising popularity of Lake Eco Tours

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It has been a busy year for Cruise Montauk or what is commonly known as “The Tomoka”, but they are particularly thrilled about the rising popularity of its Lake Eco Tours. If you haven’t taken a boat tour yet, you have been missing out on a lot!

Montauk, New York (getnews) September 6, 2016 – Lake Montauk, a sprawling 900 acres of embayment near the city of New York, is recognized as the largest facility for commercial and sports fishing. However, there’s more to fishes and marine food that the place has to offer. Being a saltwater body, it is home to a large variety of animals and plant life. “People and eco-tourists take our Lake Eco Tour package to some of the most exotic wildlife including humpback whales, leatherback sea turtles, roseate terns, finback whales, sandplain gerardia, piping plovers, green sea turtles, northern diamondback terrapins, eastern tiger salamander, seabeach purslane, featherfoil, clustered bluets, least bittern, necklace sedge and hundreds of other animals, endemic to the region. Most of the animal diversity here is considered rare and endangered and Lake Montauk provides one of the few remaining natural havens.”

While the maritime and forest communities have done their bit to save the biodiversity, the Lake Eco Tours is considered to be among the most ‘green’ ways to move around capture the unique in your cameras and memories! “Along with the ride that costs around $25 per person, we also offer guides who are conservationists and are fully aware with the bio-divserity of this region. This alone makes our eco cruises on Lake Montauk and the surrounding waters among the most demanded boat tours in the area now,” adds the Marketing Manager for MTK Cruises, LLC or also known as “The Tomoka”.

It is certainly good to see so many people taking interest in our natural habitat and wildlife. Tourism helps us to support the local community and in turn, is a way of both promoting and protecting these species and Cruise Montauk NY is doing a terrific job of just that. It has in fact witnessed the highest ever demand for Eco Tours and as a result has added more boat tours throughout the day to support the desire for more rides on Lake Montauk and the surrounding waters. Along with its ecotourism initiatives, Montauk Cruises or also known as “The Tomoka” are also a great opportunity for unique sailing adventures ranging from nighttime star gazing to a sunset boat trip across the orange waters. If you are near Montuak, New York or visiting the Hamptons soon, this is an experience you must take!

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Cruise Montauk or “The Tomoka” is the largest covered boat and adventure sailing service provider in Montauk, New York. It also offers highly customized tours for groups along with its unconventional trips, like the Eco Tour and the Star Gazer Cruise. For more details, visit

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