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Trash and unmanaged waste is one of the biggest problems of growing cities across the globe. Junk Happens is one of the most innovative trash removal service providers that have been helping keep our streets of Minneapolis clean for more than a decade!

Eagan, Minnesota (getnews) September 6, 2016 – It has been two years now that the city of Minneapolis has switched to single sort recycling of their waste. This has ensured that the residents are recycling 29% more waste than they had been doing a year before. People are more aware but the local government has been quite inadequate in facilitating enough infrastructures for a complete recycling program.

Americans have been generating more than 390 million tons of waste every year. This comes to about 7 pounds of unsorted trash material for every man, woman, and child. With population on the rise and buying habits changing, waste management has become one of the greatest challenges for the economy. We at Junk Happens try to meet this dire need by establishing a strong network of junk pickups at mn and recycling plants. For more than a decade, we have been employing trained personnel to sort out the city’s junk and reduce the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. According to the chief of operations at Junk Happens, “we are there, everywhere and at anytime. It has been a mission for the company to make our city cleaner and greener. As a result, we have been striving in adopting work processes and technology that meet our ends.”

We must understand that not everything that we no longer use should go to our landfills. “While we at Junk Happens try to keep our city clean, it is also your responsibility to contribute to the cause of the environment. You will be surprised how your trash can be put to better use. Call us to know more!”

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Junk Happens is one of the most innovative junk removal services in Minneapolis that caters to both residential and commercial demands. They take care of everything from loading, clean-up, sorting and dumping of waste. Visit for more details.


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