Paranormal expert’s new book ‘“Presidential Souls” offers Hidden Revelations about Historical US Presidents

New book “Presidential Souls” by paranormal expert Lisa Moulden offers hidden revelations about the true souls of the historic American Presidents and top US presidential candidates, based on Celestial Hat readings.

Ellicott City, MD, September 6, 2016: Has George Washington sided with Donald Trump in the upcoming US Presidential election or is it Hillary Clinton whom Abraham Lincoln favors? With the Presidential election around the corner, wouldn’t it be mindboggling to know what the former iconic leaders of the nation think about the candidates and the future of America, if they could have a voice now? That sounds utopian, right? Well, paranormal expert Lisa Moulden has recently launched her new book “Presidential Souls”, which has brought the “voice” of the historical US Presidents from the Other Side, revealing their true souls and what they conceive as the future of the United States of America.



The book embodies a paranormal psychological analysis of the US Presidents based on the Celestial Hat readings of their Souls by Moulden. A ghost magnet of repute, the author claims to present true readings on souls, which nobody else does.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my new book ‘Presidential Souls’, which is a unique look at the past US Presidents, the top US presidential candidates, as well as many other historical figures. It will benefit anyone who wants to know the True soul of the Presidents & our future President of the United States. My book is based on a paranormal psychological analysis of these phenomenal figures that nobody has done before”, stated Moulden while announcing her book.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, the ghost magnet is also a Reiki Master and world traveler. Her deep connection with the Other Side as well as her proximity to Washington D.C., have duly assisted her in creating “Presidential Souls”. It was Abraham Lincoln who motivated her for the paranormal analysis and insisted that she pen the book!


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In her words, each Soul wears a hat and being a seasoned Celestial Hat reader, Moulden can understand the nature of a person’s soul just by seeing the hat – whether the individual wants her to or not. Her Celestial Hat readings can reveal whether the Soul is good or evil; if the person is in proper sync with their soul; what the Soul actually loves, and so on. The Soul never lies.

“I approached our Presidents with a non-judgmental attitude & they rewarded me with tears, laughter & heartbreaking revelations. Their tales are compelling and should be heard, especially since one of them is extremely upset about the way we recall his physique! Many of them have shocking advice regarding the future of our country. Spirits seek me out as I am always ready to lend them my voice. The past Presidents have strong opinions to convey about the present & future of the United States. The timing is critical. People must look at the Soul of the person they will vote for in the coming election and my book is just in time to help you with this needed information.”

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