PCB 2D code Industrial inkjet printing (Small Character Inkjet Printer)Solution

Industrial inkjet printer (Small Character Inkjet Printer) for PCB printingļ¼ŒConvenient for management and tracking PCB quality & logistic.

The circuit board is the base of product common one of the electronics industry, and also one of the important electronic components. Has been identified in electronic components, is not only a difficult project, also need to invest more energy. After the rapid development of small character inkjet printer in the electronics industry, printing machine and circuit board to find a harmonious labeling way, success will be the circuit board into the automation scheme for the identification of the camp.

Identification scheme in the electronics industry, is mainly the product itself the information content, to industrial inkjet printer ID mode. Of course, with the continuous progress of the sign industry, used in electronic industry of 2D most advanced code identifying has become a reality. Thus, Industrial inkjet printer can in the electronic products limited space, in the small, but definitely not inferior to other information content of two-dimensional performance way in the code as the carrier, the success of a breakthrough identification character area the size of the logo of the perfect solution to electronic industry.


Industrial inkjet printer application in the electronics industry, the use of two-dimensional code has been relatively mature, which is established in one of the traditional identification form important identification mode, has become an important mark to solve the enlightenment.

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