Power Starter Kicked off the Kickstarter Campaign for World’s First Battery-Less Car Jump Starter

Power Starter, a young team of techie entrepreneurs, are all set to launch their breakthrough innovation, world’s first battery-less car jump starter. Before the official launch, they have started a Kickstarter campaign to pull in contributions towards the ambitious project.

Power Starter, an ambitious startup started by Adam DeCosta and Richard Johnson, is all set to bring to the world the fruit of years of intensive research and hard work. The duo recently announced that they have already manufactured the prototype of the world’s first battery-less car jump starter, which they believe would shift the paradigms of the automotive manufacturing industry and change the dynamics of the aftermarket for car parts and accessories as well. With the car jump starter yet to be rolled out commercially, the Adam and Richard have started a Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/2bJqbW7) to promote the groundbreaking product.

Speaking about the battery-less car jump starter, Adam DeCosta, the marketing manager for the Scarborough, Canada based company claimed that the car jump starter can easily replace the current lithium battery run car jump starter, which is usually found in most cars these days. He claimed that the battery-less car jump starter is a safer and easier alternative to battery jump starter.

“We pretty much revolutionized the lithium-ion battery which you can easily found in cars these days. There is no lithium-ion inside our product and it does not require pre-charging or regular maintenance. Also, there is no risk of fire hazards and explosion. The product takes merely 10 seconds to ignite the engine of the car it is installed in. It has a longer shelf-life and longer service life compared to the ordinary batteries, but we are currently focused on promoting the performance advantages that car owners and users can specifically get by using this product. The Kickstarter campaign is a nice way to let people know what the batter-less car jump starter is all about and it’s actually kicking in part of the working capital”, said Adam, the marketing manager.

Adam also claimed that the product can work in extreme weather conditions. “Whether you take your car in -40 C or in 70 C centigrade, it won’t affect the performance of the product. Also, no replacement is needed for 10 years. We are offering it at just USD$115 to promote the product, which is quite new in its kind”, added Adam.

About the Company

Power Starter is a Canada based tech and innovation firm.

To know more, visit http://www.powerstarter.net 

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