Bonded Waterproofing rides into its 36th anniversary celebration

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Bonder Waterproofing, started as a home based business and has completed 36 years of success as a household name across the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut areas.

Bergenfield, New Jersey (getnews) September 7, 2016 – Waterproofing of your home is as important as the health of your family. It could be surprising how a single unmanaged leak can bring down an entire house. In New Jersey, faulty waterproofing has caused huge loss to properties, ranging from a stubborn mold to cracking of a whole concrete structure. Talk to any structural engineer and he/she would strongly advise for a strategic waterproofing design for your new home before you move on to think about the aesthetics. If you are in or around New Jersey, Bonded Waterproofing will most likely be the first recommendation from any engineer and home owner.

With over 36 years of experience, Bonded Waterproofing has ensured that the homes of New Jersey are well insulated and guarded against water leaks and damages.

“We have been doing this for over three decades and believe that there is no other company in this industry that has been through the learning curve that we have, especially with respect to New Jersey”, says Lou Alloro of Bonded Waterproofing.

Bonded Waterproofing has been at the core of over 50,000 homes and office across the Tri-Stat. Among the most revered service providers in this industry, they take care of everything from basement waterproofing, basement foundation/repairs, mold removal, vapor barriers, curtain drains, French drains sump pump installation and more.

In a state like like New Jersey that is close to the coast and at risk of heavy rains and floods, waterproofing is one of the first things that new homeowners consider.

With Bonded Waterproofing, you certainly get the advantage of experienced and knowledgeable service. Bonded Waterproofing certainly deserves all the attention as it runs into its 36th anniversary.

About Bonded Waterproofing

Among the oldest and most popular waterproofing and related service provider in New Jersey, this has been a company that does what it claims. You can expect the most experienced waterproofing specialists in New Jersey at reasonable costs. Visit for more details.


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