Leading SEO Company Launches Free SEO Analysis Service

FreeSEOrep.com has launched a Free SEO Analysis service to help website owners improve their Google ranking and traffic. The important tool allows a business owners to see how well their landing page, blog post is optimized.

A Danish-owned SEO Company based in Northern Thailand is pleased to announce they are now offering a Free SEO Analysis service. The service allows website owners to check the status of their site and to troubleshoot any problems that may be causing the site not to rank properly in Google.

 The Free SEO Analysis report, which takes just 45 seconds to generate the report will offer onsite analysis, offsite analysis, and social analysis, providing important information to help website owners make changes, so their site ranks better in Google.

With more than 3 billion people using the Internet with a large portion of them looking for products and services, it is important for business owners to see how their website is progressing and what changes they can make to increase traffic and get that top ten Google position. Just like a car or a house that requires a MOT or a health check, websites need the same love and attention for them to increase sales.

Through the health check website owners can look at problems that may be affecting the site that is reducing leads and sales, which includes the site is running slow, does the site have enough page links or even the right page links? With all the information at hand from the Free SEO analysis report, website owners can make important changes.

A spokeswoman from FreeSEOrep.com said: “The Free SEO Analysis report helps website owners to improve their website ranking and traffic. It provides important information, which other SEO companies may charge for.”

The free report is not only helping people to save money in gaining important information about their site, it is also a very important tool to check out the competition. By using the free tool and entering details of a competitors site, it provides details on the site in question allowing the website owner to compare the SEO score. This is very important when trying to outrank the competition.

To learn more about the Free SEO Analysis report, which takes just 45 seconds to receive, please visit http://freeseorep.com/

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